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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Levelling Out

I've had a hot bath with lavender bubble bath and a delicious slice of german chocolate cake. Can't have a glass of wine just yet but I feel pretty good about everything all the same. R asked me if we were going to try again this cycle. Last month I had said that after this cycle we'd wait a couple of months so as to interfere with my involvement in my oldest friend's wedding (I'm in the wedding party and she knows all about our losses). But that was before when I was sure we'd get pregnant on the first try again. Since that's not the case, who knows how long it'll take and I know she'd forgive me is Fate went our way for once. So when he asked, I looked at him and said 'yes'. So here we go again...

As a side note, I see lots of blogs with two sidebars. Any idea how to get a second one? The templates on blogger all have one. And I have things I'd like to add. The artistic side of me is having a white space issue. I'm tech savvy enough and just need a little hint.


Anonymous said...

sending you hugs ... you've had a rollercoaster couple of days. I find that dark chocolate turtles are another good mood enhancer.

FWIW, when DH & I were in tx, our RE told me to drink 1 glass of French or Italian red wine every day for the 1st 3 weeks of the cycle, and then to wait out the last week of the 2 ww. (This is when I knew he was a good RE for us, LOL). Something about the methods the French & Italians use for making red wine ... perhaps the resveratrols ... I don't remember. Anyway I'm not sure on the reasoning but it was part of the tx plan I liked!

Caroline said...

Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about the outcome of last month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a lucky month for you.

Susan said...

Hey there, sending you pest regards.

How to make 3 columns is found at: Blogger buster http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2007/07/create-three-column-blogger-template.html

WiseGuy said...


Cake...did you say Chocolate cake? Hmmm....

Hey, Susan has given you a website....besides, you could just do keywors searching in google, to find out more blogspot templates. But remember one thing, if you change your template, the custom widgets you have put up will be lost. That is why whatever you do, please take a back up of your current template. OK?

Melissa said...

cake and a bath sound sooooo good right now. and wine. you're giving me something to shoot for tonight!

Good luck on this cycle!

Danielle said...

Sorry to hear last cycle was a bust. It's tough trying to deal with future plans while trying to live in the moment and not fretting about the past.... you're right... a good friend will understand.

Mmm Cake! Musta been the day for it... although I'm a couple days late on the post, I too enjoyed some double chocolate fudge cheesecake on Monday...mmmmm it was just what the doctor ordered.