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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

12:55 pm

I stood at the corner of the street waiting for the light to change so I could cross. The sun was slipping between the buildings, spilling onto the street in thin streams that pinned me where I stood. The wind wove up the street, smelling sweetly of early spring pollen. It caressed my skin, both crisp and warm at the same time.

I felt myself inhale deeply just absorbing the sensations around and through me. People behind me were talking…two men; their voices rich and deep. The coffee I was holding was warm in my hand and smelled intricately of sweet milk, caramel and rich strong espresso.

As I had approached the corner a few moments ago, I had passed a homeless man sitting on the corner. As I saw him, the smile I had had on my face started to slip. He looked right into my eyes, grinned and said, “keep smiling, it’s good a thing.” I chuckled and grinned, appreciating the sentiment and the casual reference to Martha Stewart and her saying, “it’s a good thing” that is now quite famous.

The smile stayed etched on my face for the rest of my walk back to work. The fresh air and beautiful weather did me a world of good. I needed the time to sort out my thoughts and re-frame my mental state. While I’m not sure I really tried hard enough to shake the negative thoughts from my head, I still find myself thinking of the homeless man and his message to me.

It’s most definitely a “good thing”.