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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Full speed ahead...

For awhile there, I seemed to be stuck in a rut. I was unable to gather any motivation to make decisions.

Well, no longer. I made the big decision. I am now moving to Vancouver a full four months earlier than I had originally planned. I am moving in late April; as soon as my final exams are done!

Now I have about six months worth of stuff to do in two! But as daunting as it all is, I am so excited that things are finally happening. Once again in my life, one major decision I've made seems to have made everything fall into place. Amazing, isn't it, that one decision can affect every aspect of you life so greatly?

Well, wish me luck. I could all that comes my way. Especially considering that I know have to develop a co-op position in another city.

Bring it on!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Days passing by...

I know you're all thinking it.. so I'll just say it: my commitment to this blog has been going sadly downhill. But know that I've adjusted to school, I think I've got things figured out.

Not too much has happened since I last wrote. Went to Vancouver on the 28th, which was nice, except that whatever bug I was fighting, decided to hit really hard on the Saturday night. I felt awful. But Ryan was good to me and it was nice to be there with him. Ended up taking that following Tuesday off work. SO glad I did. Ifelt so much better the next day!

And on the topic of illness, I'm sad to say that we had to put our oldest cat down this week. He had been so ill for the last two weeks. He wasn't eating, he drank very little and was sick all the time. We couldn't watch hime suffer so we decided that it was time. I will miss him.

And it seems to be the fianl conlusion to that part of my life. TC was the last cat left from when my older brother was alive. In a way it is final closure but in another way I feel that we lost that last tangible and alive thing we had of David. But I am okay. Better than I had anticipated. It will be okay.

On a lighter note, I go to Calgary in three weeks. I am so excited. Even though I have reading break next week (i.e two days), my real vacation will be when I go to see one of my oldest friends. I have seen her in five years and we;ve known eachother since we were 10. That's over half my life! That's pretty amazing to me.

In the meantime, I am working extra shifts. This is great for my bank account but not so great for my energy levels. I work threee nights in a row and then I have two night classes the following two days. I did that this week and I do the same next week. Sigh. "Just think of the money, just think of the money". I guess being able to pay rent and my bills on time is worth working extra. Don't you think?

Well, have to get ready for a group meeting (I hate group meetings)and class. Wish me luck. Especially since I have a midterm and a quiz to study for over the weekend.