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Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 11. Spotting has turned into light bleeding, sort of. Damn! The witch is here? What happened to not getting af until after I stopped the progesterone? Oh, you mean I'm one of those people who actually gets their period on the damn pills? But of course I would. I'm that special...

But... my temp spiked up by ALOT today. It should have gone down if I wasn't pregnant and getting my period. In fact, my symptoms increased this morning.

I've been here before. Getting my period and actually being pregnant. In fact last May I tested on 13DPO and it was negative. Even though I was pregnant. AF or not, I'll keep testing.

The hitch comes in with the progesterone. Still trying to figure out what to do about it. I'm scared to stop takng it but if af really is here than I can't keep taking it. But if I'm also pregnant, what then? I'll wait till bedtime and make the call then.

Oh, what would my life be without a daily dose of drama?


Melissa said...


i get AF while on progesterone! the first time i got it on day 10, last time on day 5.

i hope it isn't AF!!

Meg said...

Oh I so hope this is implantation and it sure sounds like it could be. I would keep with the progesterone for a bit longer. My RE instructions were to continue until day 14, test and if negative stop....

I just looked at my chart from October and my implantation was 4 days and labeled: light spotting, red spotting, light spotting, bright red. I was so sure it was AF and then it just stopped.

So hang in there. It is possible and I am holding so much hope for you.