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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Winter chill, doctors visits and other curiosities...

Well if we weren't sure before, we can be certain now that it is officially winter. Yesterday it was O degrees when I went to work in the morning. Not that I'm complaining because, I'll confess that both Ryan and I are wishing for snow and are feeling a little Christmasy (is that a real word?).

But before the holidays arrive, I'd really like to get rid of this cold/cough/whatever you want to call it. I keep going up and down, feeling better and then worse and then better etc. My doctor intially though it was an underlying allergy that was being iritated by a virus (that I got from Ryan-thanks Love). But four weeks later, I still feel like shit and with the cold weather settling in, my damn nose won't stop running. But the scary part, the part that worries me, is that my lungs rattle when I breathe. I mean, when I exhale they make a similar sound to a stomach rumbling. And there's so much crap in my throat sometimes that I have a hard time breathing.

Allergy my ass!

So I think before the week is out I am going to need to seek a second opinion. Time to go to the clinic.

Maybe I'll ask about the other wierd things... like I am SOOO tired all th time (just like last year-could just be because I am sick) but the other strange thing is that I am unusually hungry in the last few days (feed a cold, starve a fever?). I mean really, I can't make it from lunch to dinner without having something to eat. And last night, we had dinner, and I'll admit I didn't have too much stirfry, but I ate enough so that I wasn't hungry (trying to get back on the wieght loss gig) but by 9 pm I was so hungry I couldn't stand it and had to eat a granola bar. Even stranger was that by the time we went to bed at 11pm, I was hungry yet again.

I must be going crazy!...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seasons Turning

Sometimes it sneaks upon you so quickly it makes your head spin. Its presence familiar and perhaps even welcomed…The first signs of winter. It is the wind, mostly, that tells me for sure that fall has left and a new season has arrived. It is unlike any other wind I’ve known. It is cold, often chilling you to your bones but it also feels warm. It reddens your cheeks and freezes your arms, and yet, somehow it warms. It makes you feel alive, as if everything truly isn’t dead yet. You can feel its vibrancy; it energizes you, putting a spring into your step. It reminds of the succession of time and makes you wonder where the past months have flown. How did I not see it coming? What have I done all this time?

I find myself breathing in the beautiful cool air with abandon. It is one that numbs your skin and even maybe, your mind, but it will never numb the soul. It is soul, the earth’s soul stopping by to remind us that another year is slowly coming to an end…passing before our very eyes. Each day, we breathe one breath after another, one heartbeat follows another. We continue. Everything continues.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Reflections on Married Life

It's coming up on two months soon and Ryan and I have both been thinking about life as a married couple. Since we got married people have been asking us what being married is like. Well, as we're wont to say, it's pretty much the same. Except more cuddly.

I've been thinking about the subtles shifts in our relationship. I don't know why I'm more affectionate, but I am. I imagine it could be the fact that we've committed to spending the rest of our lives together that would make our feeling more intense. We've made that shift between committed partners to life-long companions. There's something about that fact that makes me smile.

I also have to say that I take my role as a wife very seriously. Because we had been living together for some time, we had gotten the "old married couple" thing down pat. But on top of that, I am mastering the whole "nagging wife" bit. Not that I wasn't good at it before, but now I seem to be perfecting it. Guess it's because I know he won't just turn around and walk out of my life becuase of it. Maybe it makes us a little closer. we've learned to accept and put up with eachothers idiosynchroncies and faults and I won't speak for him but for me, I think those things make me love him that much more.

In the last couple of weeks we've been talking about plans for Christmas. Between school and work schedules, I've already had to figure out December, or at least partially. So far, I'm done classes on Nov.30 and then I have a final exam on the Dec.10th and 11th. After that, I'm free till Jan.7th! Yay! So far, our plans are to spend Christmas in Victoria. I think we'll be coming over on the 21st, but stay posted for updates.