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Monday, May 30, 2005

Beautiful days...

Yesterday, Ryan and I went to Lynn Valley with our friends Sarah and Troy and a huge group from MeetIn Vancouver that Sarah introduced me to. It was a cloudy and cool day, perfect for hiking. It is so pretty in there. Just lush west coast rainforest, a powerful river that drops in the prettiest falls several times throughout the park. It was nice to be social. There were some of the same people I met a couple if weeks ago, plus a whole lot more.

Ryan met Sarah and Troy for the first time and we all get along great. It's nice to ahve a couple we can go out with. Besides, now Ryan knows that I'm not making Sarah up!

On Thursday, I went to Jericho beach with Sarah and Troy. Soaked up some rays, enjoyed the beach, and the good company. We all got a little crispy... well, Troy was super-extra crispy. He said he hurt for days. Ouch! As it was I burnt in some weird places that obviously got missed when I put on the sunscreen. I'm very glad for aloe vera gel. Good stuff formy poor skin. But, hey! I've got a great tan.

Hoping to hear from the prospective employer today. If she doesn't call soon, I think I'll call her after lunch.

Well... gotta finish my cleaning. It's that time of the week again. Also looking forward to going to Victoria this weekend. Plans are starting to come together. I'll keep you in the loop.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's nice to feel productive...

wouldn't you agree? Earlier I went into my perspective place of employment to do an assignment for my perspective employer. She gave me a scenario- Season Opener of the BC Lions and I had to do the following:

-Organize to have a car on display
-Create a contest in which the public wins a prize
-Create an event day itinerary
-Create a budget for the event
-Write a press release to the car dealerships informing them of the event and the car on display
-Write a status report

All in all, it took me 3 hours to do all of that. I'd like to think I did a good job. I was given few details and I also really didn't know what she was loking for. Ingrid is away tomorrow so I'm hoping she will call me on Friday and let me know what's happening. I'm hoping things happen quickly either way. I'm starting to run out of time to start my co-op.

But we'll see. I'm still optimistic that things will go the way they need to.

Have I mentioned recently that I really want this job?

If I'm not working, I'm coming to Victoria for a couple of days. Dave's rowing regatta is on Sat June 4th. So I'll be there cheering him on. It's also my friend Claire's b-day on the Monday. I'm hoping to see those of you I couldn't see before. Kaitlyn, you up for it?

I'll be talking to all of you soon. Keep smiling (if you can).

Enjoy the summer that's now approaching at last. Here in Vancouver it's supposed to be 29 degrees! And I don't doubt it. Today is pretty warm itself.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And of course...

Just remember that the post I wrote is no real indicater of my spelling skills... I'm out of school and work... I'm allowed the spell funny...

Crossing my fingers and toeses...

No that wasn't a spelling mistake. Watch"Singin in the Rain" and you'll know what toeses refers to.

Well, sorry to keep you all hanging like that. I'll fill you in on the job stuff. I met with Ingrid (my prespective employer) on Thursday. She told me about the job and the company and we talked about what I've done and I explained I was ready for a challenge. It was a pretty informal interview, which I quite liked. The catch is that she's looking at other people as well, so, tommorrow I go in for a test... I haveto write a press release for her to show my writing skilss. It should be pretty easy becuase I did several last summer and I have a couple to refer to becuase there is a specific way to format them. I'm hoping hat foes well. In the end it might come down to doing a voluntary trial week to see how I fit in. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but I'll do it in any case becuase I really want this job.

As for my long weekend... it was okay I guess but we ad pretty crapy weather here in Vancouver. It sctually started on wednesday evening. Thursday was interesting. Sarah came over for dinner and we had a great time. But during dinner the wind really picked up and we finally got the thunder storm they had been predicting for several days. Sarah left around 9:30 so she wouldn't get caught in the rain. It was good timing becuase about 15 minutes later it just downpoured.

There I was all alone in my little apartment. Ryan was out for the evening and it was pretty creepy. I made a couple of phone calls, watched part of a movie, read in bed and finally fell asleep. Was sleeping really good becuase I didn't even hear Ryan come in the door.

So that was Thursday. After that we got lots of rain (which is good and I'm not really complaining about) but then we also had really high winds (no fun to go grocery shopping in wind AND rain- umbrellas don't work), and don't forget about our bout of hail.

All in all it's been and interesting few days. I'm hoping that the rest of this week is productive and brings good news. Well, laundry calls...


Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well tomorrow could be a really good day... or not. I have a meeting with a lady I was put in contact with by one of my co-op advisors. With any luck I'll have a job. But I'm not going to put too much into it just in case things don't work out. I really need something to happen right now, though. I'm tired of wondering aimlessly around town and I can't stay in the apartment all day everyday.

But I'm being social. Last week , I went with my friend Sarah to a meet and greet mixer. We met a lot of really nice people who are all part of meetin.org... a social gathering organization. We met for drinks and then wandered Stanley Park. It was a lot of fun and it was nnice to be my normal bubbly social self with a bunch of strangers. I was right in my element.

Sarah is coming over for dinner tomorrow. Girls night. Both of our guys are out late so we decided that Thursdays are now officially girls night... as long as I'm not working.

Went to Victoria this past weekend. Ryan had a conference on fri and sat. We went for four days. It was great to see everyone. Good to spend time with my family. My brother was over form Pender so we all (my Mum and Dad, Matt and his girlfriend Laura, Ryan and I) had dinner together. Then on Sat night I had a gathering at my parent's place with Dave, Cheryl and Claire. It was good to see them and be joking and enjoying eachother as we always do.

A friend is going through a rough time right now. I feel for her and I could do more. But she knows that I'm always there for her if she needs me.

Ahhhh. Home. I guess I'm starting to refer to this place as home. The other day Ryan and I were out. I made a comment about " when we get home"... not "when we get back to the apartment" but "when we get home". It's a confortable feeling. I'm still havig a hard time calling my parent's place just that, "my parent's place" and not "my place". Things are sinking in as I go along and I'm starting to feel more settled.

I want to post pics of my place but until Ryan and I get the network set up, I don't have internet access on my computer where the photo hosting program is. Yes Dave.... you can laugh at me about forgetting the switch... how dumb, eh?

Today was a mix in weather. Woke up and it raining. Then it stopped and got brighter. I decided that I should take advantage of the break and get some fresh. Then as soon as I stepped out the door, it started raining. Figures... Murphys Law, eh? It stopped raining awhile later and got very sunny and warm. Well now that I'm home again, the sun id gone, it's very cloudy and I think that it going to rain again. Not to mention the thundershowers they were predicting. Vancouver weather. I don't know why anyone bothers to figure it out at all. Weather forcasts often don't mean much.

Guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New week...

Had a pretty good weekend. Went to the UBC Botanical Garden's Perennial sale and got myself some pretty plants. Need to get some pots, soil, a trowel and some annuals and my balcony will be set. Looking forward to having a space out there to relax and enjoy my view.

Also looking forward to coming to the Victoria this week. Ryan and I are in on Thursday and we leave Sunday. I'd love to see who I can. Let me know when yo're available and I'll do my best to work something out.

Just doing laundry right now. The dryer takes forever and if I don't do really small loads it will dry some things but not others. Example, Ryan's pants were dry last time but my terry socks weren't. I think it's posessed. But I dhould go check the darn things now. Should be about done...

Friday, May 06, 2005

Cleaning Friday...

Today the apartment gets a good once over of cleanliness. Love the smell of cleaners. Weird, eh? Well since I grew up in a very clean home I guess it reminds me of home.

Feeling a little homesick and lonely right now. The only 2 friends I know here are at work or busy so I must amuse myself. Been out walking everyday. My body is confused. Forgot what exercise was. Also, there is only so many times I can walk the main streets in the West End before you ealize you've seen it all before. I'm not quite there but soon enough I think.

Spent yesterday afternoon down at the beach. Sat on the grass on my picnic blanket with my dinner, listened to some music and skeched the scene around me. Not a bad sketch either. Might be a good painting.

Talked to Claire last night for almost and hour. It was nice to catch up. Our conversations always are long ones. We've have a tendency to not be able to end it. Oh well. I like it that way.

Coming to Victoria next week. Ryan has a conference on Fri and Sat. We're coming over on Thurs afternoon (I might come over on Fri if I have to do job stff) and leaving on Sun. Don't know how much time I'll have to visit with everyone, but I'll try. In any case, I'll talk to all later.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Settling in...

Well, I'm here, I'm unpacked and my place is put together... finally!

For the last three days Ryan andI have been sorting our stuff and figuring out where to put it all. I have to say that the place has finally come together. I'll post some pics when I get some. THe weather's been lovbely except for the short period of rain on Friday but other than that it's benn sunny and warm and there's been a lovely breze off the water. Since we're a block from the beach we get the breeze coming right into the apartment. It helps that we're aater facing.

Going to look for a job starting tomorrow. Wish me luck. I'll post more soon.

Cheers :)