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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snow in the air...

I can't believe it's almost December already! Where the hell does time go anyway? Who knows...

Here in the City of Glass, we have an 80% chance of rain or snow tonight. Knowing Vancouver, the rain will luck out but then again, it is sooooo cold out there.

I am so tired today. It probably didn't help that I worked at the craft fair all weekend and then didn't sleep very well last night. But hey! I'm young, right, I can take it!...*sound of my head hitting the desk in a deep sleep*

Anyway... The craft fair went pretty well. I didn't sell a lot of stuff but I did well enough to pay for my table and still have a bit of a profit. I also met some really neat people and had some very encouraging feedback on my work. The craft fair itself was alright for what it was, but there were some organizational issues that really need to be sorted out. For instance, there was no planned layout, meaning that on Sunday I had people seeling greeting cards on either side of me. Now since I was selling photo art cards and prints, it was a bit ridiculous. Also, it was freezing. With an ice rink just outside the auditorium doors and a door to the outside just a stone's throw from our table, it was hard to keep warm without putting on your jacket (isn't that right Claire?). Not too mention that we nearly starved because the pizza we had ordered was an hour and 25 minutes late. (Claire, it might interest you to know that the people who ordered on Sunday didn't get their's till 1:30. So glad I had Ryan make a food run for me!) Thanks Claire for coming on over for the weekend. It was a lot of fun and I appreciated the support (and being able to take a bathroom break).

Work is pretty busy and I have a feeling it's going to be a long week. We have our Critsmas "Tea" (read: party) on Friday. All I know is that it's three hours long and I won't be stuck having to answer the phone. I know there are some team games and having to answer the phone in the middle of say, the "giant knot game" would be pretty stupid. Each of our communities are having a tea of their own and Sr. Mgmt will be attending. Our president is going to each one (yes all of them- except for one) and drawing the names of the staff who will win the prizes we have set up (Note: I have been wrapping them all: 31 mugs, 16 baseball caps (only have to wrap the ones for the western teas) and 31 Starbucks cards(just tied with curling ribbon). It's a good thing I like wrapping so much! If I didn't, I would hate it by the time I got to wrapping my own Christmas gifts!

Anyway, time to go and veg before bed (which will be early again tonight). I think I'll continue this tomorrow...

Cheryl... although I know you already know this, but I'm thinking of you and your family right now. I'm here for you if you need me, as always.