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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Calm After the Storm

The humidity was so thick it almost stole your breath. The dense summer heat building throughout the day until it cannot contain itself any longer. In a brilliant show, it breaks.

Streaks cut the sky. In the distance, rumbles echo. The gathered clouds release the collective breath they had been holding. The scent of damp earth permeates our apartment. The scent of fresh clean air is everywhere.

Pounding thunder over the building takes me back to my childhood. The fascination of the lightning, the fear of the loud sounds that followed.

As the evening draws closer the sky begins to change.

The hot day displayed in the hazy fiery reds and oranges.

Violet bleeds into indigo.

Indigo to black.

The convergence of hot and cold air lights up the night sky in streaks and sheets, like the flash of my camera. When it's over, the cool damp will remain until the new day's sun dries it. But the scent clings in my memory.

Friday Date Nights and Sunny Saturdays

So I'm playing ICLW catch-up from yesterday. I was going to do my posting, reading and comments later in the day but I ended up out. R and I grabbed a quick bite to eat and went and saw Harry Pott.er.

I agree with others that they did leave stuff out and modified other parts but really, we shouldn't have been surprised, considering the length and depth of the book. I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to go see it but it really was a good movie and we enjoyed it. It was nice to have a date night. Bean enjoyed the soundtrack I think.

The only downside was having to get up and go pee about 45 minutes in the film. Not unusual these days, just annoying. Oh, and there's nothing worse that the post-movie race for the bathrooms and the line-ups that ensue. Add being 28 weeks on top of that and I dearly wish I could summon a "pregnant lady" queue on demand.

Today I spent a lovely afternoon with a friend. She and I actually met on the forum I'm on and found out we live in the same city. We bonded, commiserated really, over our shared loss experiences. They've had it rough. After 2 miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy, they recently experienced another chemical pregnancy, bringing their total to four losses. This last loss happened when I was around 15 weeks I think. My heart just breaks for them.

After weeks of juggling schedules, we were finally able to find a day we could get together. She picked me up from a central place and then we hit the road for a girls' day. We were chatting casually. She asked how I was doing and I said well. While she has been amazingly supportive during my pregnancy (she's genuinely happy for me), I always let her lead the conversation and if she wants to bring up pregnancy or babies, then we chat. Otherwise I let her be. I know how it is.

So here we are, driving along looking for the fish and chips place she wanted to take me to, when she ever so calmly replies to my inquiry on how she was doing and what was new with her. "Oh I'm great!"

"Really?" I say.

"Yeah. Especially since I'm 4 weeks pregnant today." She looks over at me a grins. I told her that I'd give her a big hug later since I didn't think it was a good ideal to tackle the driver.

I was so excited for her because her betas have been great so far. She found out at 8dpo! She's under the care of the Recurrent Loss Clinic here in Vancouver and they are just fantastic. She has her first ultrasound in two weeks and her and her husband, for the first time since they started to try for a baby, are calm about everything.

Calm is a wonderful place to be. All I can say is that in this, her fifth pregnancy, I am sending them every good vibe I can. They are such a wonderful couple and I'm so lucky to have met her, even if it was because we met on a Loss Board.

Help me out and send your good thoughts to E and J, who have gotten their miracle and now just need a little luck...

P.S. I was clicking on tags for this post, it occurred to me how rare it was to see the words "infertility" and "joys" side-by-side. Hmmmm.

Friday, July 24, 2009

28 Weeks

As someone commented yesterday, I'm in the homestretch.


I am finally getting round. Almost...

Show and Tell: Ice Creamy Goodness

On a hot summer's day, there is nothing better than digging your spoon into lovely vanilla ice cream coated in rich velvety chocolate sauce.

It's been awhile since I posted any food po.rn. So here we go. Soak it up...

I'd share but I'm going to be selfish. You'll have to raid your own freezer. Now where's my spoon?...
Don't forget to drop by Mel's and see what everyone else is scooping up.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Weekend of Surprises (Part 2)

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time from ICLW, welcome! My story is on the sidebar. It's not a simple one. As I declared in my topics that I write about in my sign up, I'm pregnant, almost 28 weeks in fact. If you need to run away, now is the time to do so. _________________________________________________

So yesterday I regaled you about how my brother shocked the h*ll out of me by returning home after almost two years in Australia.

I went to bed that night elated, and still in shock. I kept muttering to myself as R and I crawled into bed, "I can't believe he's home!"

The next morning we woke up, had our showers and got ready for the day. We were staying in the condo building's guest suite since my parents were all out of room. We treked over to my parent's place for breakfast. As I walk into the living room, I catch something out of the corner of my eye: a string of scrapbook-like pages strung on a ribbon and attached to the top of the blinds covering the patio door.

Baby themed.

Tired and not sure what to think I looked at my Mom. She tried to make us guess what it was about. I probably could have guessed but decided to let her tell. She said that a bunch of people were coming over later...

So we got hit with a pseudo-surprise baby shower! She couldn't keep it completely a secret since they had a bunch of prep work and we would have been around and have figured it out of course.

So my Aunt and 4 of my friends (and my family of course) had a little baby shower for us in the afternoon. Of the activities scheduled, I think the baby bottle drinking contest was the funniest. It was for the guys of course. Although the baby food tasting contest was amusing too. Adult taste buds are so very different from those of a baby if babies actually like all that stuff.

It was a lot of fun and there were many oohs and aahs over the cute things we got. A pink snowsuit anyone? And yes there were many jokes about my possibly going into spontaneous labour with all the excitement. Obviously, we're okay on that front.

I think what I came to realize the other day was how much I needed this weekend. It was a couple of days where I didn't think about what could still go wrong. Not once. You would think that after almost 28 weeks, I'd have relaxed about the outcome of this pregnancy. And in most ways, I have. The fear is mild, built out of the knowledge the things rarely go as planned. But I also know that that's okay.

Strange after all the pain and heartache, that things could go so smoothly. Maybe that's what makes me nervous. I'm not used to things going from Point A to Point B in a smooth single line. I'm used to bumps, hills, mountains, you name it. A squiggly line, zigging this way and that, the end point elusive and not meant to be found.

This is new territory for me. I'm learning to enjoy it. As I type on my laptop, my belly is twitching and bouncing in strange exaggerated motions. What could this child POSSIBLY be doing in there?

We're happy like this, Bean and I. It's working for us, this little co-habitation deal we've got going. I'll be so sad when it ends but I'm starting to get excited about the idea of meeting this little girl who's already stolen our hearts and taken over our lives.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Weekend of Surprises (Part 1) & ICLW

If it wasn't for Mel's email reminder, I'd have completely forgotten about ICLW. The fact that this is my first month participating since March is quite the miracle. I had been so tired most evenings that trying to keep up with my regular reading list was challenging enough in the earlier months of my pregnancy. Even though I'm slowing down again in my third trimester, I can at least stay awake past 9 pm should I choose to. It's quite novel but I'm not expecting it to last.

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time from ICLW, welcome! My story is on the sidebar. It's not a simple one. As I declared in my topics that I write about in my signup, I'm pregnant. If you need to run away, now is the time to do so. __________________________________________

This past weekend was something else, let me tell you! R and I went over to visit my parents. I haven't seen my Dad since I was 10 weeks pregnant, so I knew he was going to be in for quite a shock when he saw me. My Mom I saw last month, but knew she'd be surprised at how big I've gotten.

My Dad picked us up at the ferry and drove us back to the condo. We go inside and I take off my sandals. I turn around expecting to see my Mom there, but instead of her is this freakin' tall guy smirking at me. My jaw dropped and I think I swore (in fact I'm sure I did). It was my brother.

Now you have to understand that a week after we got married in Sept 2007, he moved to Australia to get some different work experience. He's a chef and was looking to broaden his horizons. I think also that a girl had something to do with it but that was a long time ago. ;) He came home for three weeks last August and I saw him for a few days.

In any case, after some more stunned swearing (I normally don't swear all that much, really), we all go sit down and R and I finally get the story. I knew he hadn't been happy in his job and that he couldn't leave it because he had a sponsored visa. Unless he was willing to fork over $2000 to apply for a "permanent" 5 year visa, he was stuck in that job. He decided he didn't want to be. He also said that I was a part of it. I think he really missed being a part of my pregnancy and wants to be around to meet his niece. Although he wouldn't admit it, he had broken up with the girl he was seeing in June (see was an exchange student and had to go home), and I'm pretty sure that was the final straw.

Regardless of the reasons, I am so happy he's home for good. But if you think I was surprised, you should hear what he did to my Mom!

You see, he planned to come home a month ago. He saw a cheap one-way flight and booked it. And didn't tell anyone except for a few friends who helped smuggle him home.

He had told my Mom a couple of weeks ago that she HAD to be home because he was calling on a certain day. Now, ordering your Mom around usually doesn't go over very well, but since she didn't have anywhere she had to be, she was home. While waiting for him to call, the condo buzzer rings. She doesn't answer unless she's expecting someone, and since she wasn't, she didn't pick up. She did turn on the TV to the security camera channel in time to see two legs walking away. Oh well.

30 seconds later the phone rings. International call. She knows it's him calling like he said he would. They chat for a few minutes when all of a sudden, he says, "so, are you going to let me in?"

"Was that f-n you at the door?" she says shocked.

Suffice to say she let him in. Two of his friends are in tow, dragging his mass amounts of luggage behind him. My Mom, still stunned, is wondering what the heck is going on when he tells her, "I'm home for good and don't worry I have a job!"

Good thing she has a second bedroom for him to sleep in until he can get his own place.

We spent the rest of the evening catching up. The family all together again.

The rest of my surprised filled weekend tomorrow...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Viruses and Other Stupid Computer Problems

It seems my computer virus problems aren't going away anytime soon. [insert chosen curse word here]

I knew I'd have to wipe my computer eventually but I've been putting it off. Why? Do you know how many photos I have on here? I'm a prolific photographer and I've already taken everything up until last year off. [sigh]

So it seems I have to do this fairly quickly if I ever want to use my computer again.

The virus I have corrupted my old email. I started a new one. Now it seems to have hit my blog. This is the second time it's posted random posts without my permission.

May have to post from hubby's computer for awhile. If you don't hear from me for a time, you'll know why. And if more of that crap pops up on my blog, stay away from it and don't worry, I'll get to it quickly enough. Meanwhile I'll be sulking over my stupid laptop with it's maxed out hard drive and a virus my anti-virus can't seem to get rid off.

Time to bring in the professionals!

P.S. To the individuals with no morals and obviously too much time on their hands, who think it's great fun to mess around planting viruses, scr*w you! I'd say more, but I'm worried that I might go on a tirade and that simply isn't good for this preggo's blood pressure.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding Peace

We were having an interesting discussion in a thread on the forum I frequent. It was about our desire to 'make' things happen, to will pregnancy into being. The opening post was written by a fellow blogger I 'met' on this forum. She is pregnant (due close to when I am) after 6 years of infertility. I thought about her response in regard to my particular journey and wrote this:

Here I am, 15 months from that first fateful lost pregnancy and I'm just now seeing our journey with a clarity I couldn't have before. It was hard to come to grips with the fact that I couldn't 'make' my body stay pregnant, I just had to let it be. That understanding hasn't made this third pregnancy easier, after all, I am a flawed human with fears and a slightly dented heart. But I also realized that by giving up some of the control, I could be content and happy just to be pregnant for the moment. Each day that came and went was one step closer to the dream, the goal. But not worrying about having control over every tiny part of this new path has allowed me to actually enjoy the process. To find peace and healing in it. I'm a "Lost Baby Mama" and always will be as they are forever a part of me. But their absence doesn't have to take away from what is already present.

That, may be the hardest lesson I've had to learn. And the most rewarding.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to Reality

Yesterday it was sunny. The bright hot sun bared mercilessly down from the cloudless sky. We 'escaped' the heat of our apartment last night to head towards the water hoping for a cool breeze. We found it, sort of. As we walked away from the apartment, I commented, "Well, looks like Summer decided to come back".

It was possibly short lived.

Today, the weather is sort of like my mood. A little hazy and confused. The wind this morning was unbelievable. We shut the windows and balcony door because it was threatening to tear the place apart. With it came a light cloud layer, soft but grey. The sun tried several times to break through with little success.

The wind has calmed a bit to a stiff breeze, but it's cooling and refreshing. However, it's very humid. Even sitting here in the apartment has left the back of my legs sweaty from the heat I can't feel.

I had good intentions for this Sunday. I wanted to go to the beach, lather up with sunscreen and soak in some rays while reading a book. But alas, like last Sunday while we were away, my plans were dashed by cloud and cool breezes. Not ideal beach bumming weather to say the least.

I did however, finish reading my book. A week and a half ago I took out three 'summer reads' from the Library. You know, 'Chick Lit', although I'm pretty sure these women authors would cringe to hear me call it that. It's something you would hear an elitist reader say as a way to make you feel like you don't have very sophisticated reading tastes. "Oh, that's just some 'Chick Lit'". Truth be told, I don't care one bit and I really wanted some 'lighter' reading. Not lighter in that it has no plot, character development or emotional content, but simply something I could get absorbed into with my mind being totally overwhelmed. I have been on vacation after all.

The funny bit is, that the bigger my belly has gotten, the fewer brain cells I seemed to be using or at least have access to. Baby brain apparently is very real and as my Mom jokingly told me, it sticks around for quite awhile, then you get a reprieve after you're done having kids. Then menopause hits. Thanks Mom. Very reassuring.

All joking aside, I mentioned before that my previous (and overly ambitious goal) of reading the Giller Prize winner list this year was scrapped in favour of Harry Pot.ter. And given that the next movie is due to come out on Wednesday (and I desperately want to see it) I felt it a good goal to read the entire series. And I have. All except the 3rd and 4th books which I happened to watch the movies for and didn't feel like reading the books right after. I know, I know, lame...

Anyway, having finished the 7th book a week before my vacation, I was itching to get into something else. A library visit ensued. Work stress being what it was, it had been taking me a long time to get through any novel lately. What I happily discovered in my week and a half off, is that given some down time and lack of an alarm clock waking me up far earlier than I'd prefer, I can devour books whole with great pleasure (and a little gusto). Three books in 10 days is nothing to laugh at. I loved the last book so much I went back this afternoon and picked up the sequel (and to drop off the ones I'd finished).

Time to delve into another couple of chapters before I worry about dinner. Oh, and there's a funny little story that accompanies one of the books I read. If Fate aligns for me and this turns out, I might have a pretty funny story to tell for Show and Tell this week.

And yes, I realize this is two posts in a relatively short period of time. Consider it my way of making it up should things be absolutely insane with work this week. Considering the difference in my blood pressure (for the better) while I was on vacation, here's hoping I find a way to keep it at bay.

Maybe the wind will blow away the slight anxiety I'm already feeling about stepping back into the office tomorrow. Maybe more reading will help. Who knows...

P.S. Just as a note about the baby brain, you should have seen the typos I had to fix in order to make these two posts legible. It seems that being on vacation does not help with my typing skills.

A Random Occurrence

I was walking to the Skytrain and decided to walk a little longer to Waterfront Station and catch my train from there. Got to the light to cross the street when police on motorcycles come racing along the street. One stops in the middle of the intersection and halts all traffic. One rather elderly Asian women crosses the street anyway and he rushes over to walk her back across the street so she doesn't get hit. More motorcycles come racing along and then down the street I can see black cop cars with their lights flashing.

What in the world is going on? Is there some parade I didn't know about? I thought to myself.

The cars stream by and in the middle of the pack is a black car with Japanese flags waving out front. Definitely someone important I guess, a dignitary of some sort. The people around me are all muttering similar things. Then as the car passes us we see a face smiling out the window. A lovely older Japanese women is waving to us (the five of us standing at the corner). We wave back. A girl on a bike with her two friends are chatting about it.

"Oh, I know who she is. It's the Empress and her husband the Emperor. I heard they were coming for a visit. It's been like 50 years since they were last in Canada".

Curiosity piqued, I Goo.gled it just a few moments ago and found this article:


They intrigue me with their non-traditional ways. But it's her, that gets me. Her face was very clear from the car. Her smile was genuine today, at least it seemed to me and I was struck by how pretty she is, especially given her years. There's a kindness in her face.

I hear people talk about how they once saw this Royal visit or that one, but having never experienced one myself, I could never relate. There's a part of me that's fascinated by the people in these positions, most of which are figures of political power rather than real sources of it. Still, there's so much history embedded, how cannot we not be at least the tiniest bit awestruck when we come across such an individual?

Today, it's not about history or who they are that I'll remember, but the wide beaming, genuine smile of a women I momentarily locked gazes with.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Impending Milestone

Depending on which book/ source you read, the third trimester is either 26, 27 or 28 weeks. No confusion there!

I'm 26 weeks today and feeling like I'm not quite ready to be in the third trimester; maybe I'll be at 27 or 28- I'll wait till next week to decide. :) Had my OB appt on Tuesday and all was well, though, I am measuring a little big (29 weeks) and that could indicate a healthy but larger baby or it could be a touch of Gestational Diabetes. I've actually measured 2 weeks ahead the entire time but I seem to be gaining more weeks. My weight gain is normal (17 lbs so far). Also, for the first time in 3 months, I've had normal blood pressure again! I've had wonky readings the last three appointments. We're pretty sure it was the work stress, seeing as this normal reading happens to have occurred on time off. Hmmm, another thing to mention to my boss.

I did my 1-hour glucose tolerance test. I've heard so many stories about the awful orange drink. I braced myself to guzzle it down and discovered, to my delight, that it tastes exactly like Orange Crush. Slight carbonated, sweet orange pop. Yum! I seriously don't know what everyone complains about. It's really not a big deal. Then I hung out in an overstuffed leather rocking chair reading my book for the next hour. Then the minor bloodletting occurred. And now we wait.

Bean liked the pop. Or went crazy from it. Hard to tell.

Will find out if I have to do the 3-hour test next week. If my results are negative, I'll probably have to go for an ultrasound to have this girl measured and checked for growth. I'm really hoping an "average" sized girl here. Really looking forward to my non-cesarean birth- at least that's what I'm aiming for. My fibro body doesn't like surgery.

Meanwhile, here we are, with 14 weeks left to go...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Show and Tell: The Marks We Bear

**Pregnancy mentioned**

We all carry them. Marks. Some are visible, etched into our skin, indelible creations of imperfection showing us as the unique beings we all are.
Some are hidden. Carved into our souls, shown only when we grant ourselves or others access.

As I progress week by week, these marks amaze me. All of them. And it doesn't hurt that dh doesn't mind them and always tells me I'm beautiful. And one might think he was just saying it to score husband points but the look in his eyes when he says it tells me differently. I love this man more than I can describe!

The marks each tell a story. I have ones I was born with, like my famous abstract birthmark and received by accident like the "tattoo" I have- a graphite mark from a sharp pencil that went deep and permanently marked my hand.

And then there are the ones I've gained, earned even.

My marks are varied. I have scars form old acne, and current acne, which drive me crazy but that I've come to realize, I'll likely never get rid of. Pregnancy, has added it's own set of marks. I have what I lovingly call my "Harry Potter" marks. Almost lightning strike shaped stretch marks that cover my lower abdomen. I also have the "mask of pregnancy" which results in a brown patch on my forehead which is easily covered up by makeup.

On a whim on the two days off I had last week (I'm currently on vacation), I went out in public without makeup! Gasp! I rarely do this. It was freeing.

I think pregnancy has taught me to be less conscious of the marks I carry. Including the ones deeply hidden. Losing two pregnancies has left their own undefinable marks. But they are there with me always.

No matter what you go through in life, there are marks. IF, pregnancy loss, loss in general, all have their unique marks. But so do the happier things- love, friendship, joy. The marks are different but no less important.

As my Mom mentioned about my stretch marks, they are "badges of honour". I'm learning to wear them, all of them, with pride.

And to prove I'm serious, I'm doing something I never would have considered before. Here is a sample "badge of honour". No hiding here.

What marks do you have, either hidden or visible, that you have learned to accept, even embrace? Let me know and then stop by Mel's to see what the rest of the class is showing off...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Notes from the Road: A Road Trip Diary

Sunday July 5th:

I've got a few minutes to myself right now. I'm sitting in my in-laws' living room stretched out on a chair and ottoman feeling sleepy. It's almost 2pm. It's 26 degrees in the house but rather cool compared to the heat outside. Various parts of the family have left to run errands, leaving me happily to chop some veggies for my veggie platter for our BBQ in a few hours. I felt after 2 days of constant visiting and being around people that I needed a little quiet time to myself. My morning shower doesn't count. I've cut my veggies and made the dip - homemade of course. I'm mentioning food? Does this mean I'll share some of the goodness? Why sure... (no pic though)

Lindsay's Veggie Dip:

Sour cream
Mayonnaise (I actually use Miracle Whip)
juice from 1 lemon
fresh chopped basil, dill and parsley
Dijon mustard (you can use dry mustard powder if you don't have anything else- just don't use prepared yellow mustard)
ground cumin
garlic powder
salt and pepper

Let it sit for an hour to get the flavours going and add more of things if needed.

We don't have any garlic powder here at the moment so I compensated by adding a little more cumin. Now it tastes like cumin and not much else. Oh well, trial and error. Don't ask for quantities, go by your own taste buds. After all, I just made this up...

Monday, July 6th

*10:11am- 363 kilometers to Vancouver. The return trip begins officially.

*Coming up the big hill on the Connector from Kelowna, I stare eye to eye with clouds hovering
among the tops of these mountains. It's like momentarily floating in the air, a feeling of weightlessness. An illusion that is quickly dashed as you curve down the other side of the hill.

*Driving along through the torrential rain that appeared out of nowhere, I glance into the backseat. On the left is a car seat and on the left is our new stroller, folded. A Saturday shopping spree with my mother-in-law. OMG, we have a travel system!! Bean's movements have gotten so much stronger since we left on Friday. 3 days later I no longer need to press on my belly to feel her. Just placing my hands can pick up the movement. Of course, it's fun to press down and have her press back as if to say, "Hey, cut cramping my space!" Watching my belly move on its own is also my new hobby. Enlessly fascinating.

*Okay, I revise my earlier assessment of this highway. Normally it's pretty boring. There are some big mountains and the occasional pot lake but generally it all looks the same. Today, however, is a bit of a carnival ride. The crosswinds are trying to move our little rental car into barriers and other lanes. The rain was novel for the first half and hour and now I wouldn't mind if it dried up. It makes pee breaks a little more friendly to get out for. [insert pep-talk here] "Seriously sweetheart, you need to cut that out! We've got another 40 km till the next pit stop and my bladder isn't too sure it can make it that far!"

More notes to come...

Friday, July 03, 2009

A Road Trip

Counting down the hours. R picks up our rental car at 9am, then we pack it and hit the road.

Looking forward to four days of sunny fun with family.

And hopefully some time to ourselves as well?

Back on Monday at some point. Till then...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Show and Tell: Many Happy Returns

Today is the birthday of this country I call home. Yay Canada!! (cue fireworks)

I have to say quite lovingly, that as a whole, we Canadians have a good sense of humour... about oursleves. I mean, we would need to in order to endure another term with our Prime Minister, who sometimes resembles Mr. Rogers on a not so nice day in the neighbourhood. For every positive forward thinking action he's taken, Harper has about 5 idiotic negative ones to cancel it out.

But this isn't a politcal tirade.

It's a birthday celebration.

I said we have a great sense of humour and it's never more apparent than when we are making fun of ourselves. For true Canadian amusement, you don't have to look much farther than the comedic folk music of The Arrogant Worms. Who? Wha? Yes, The Arrogant Worms are a proud symbol of what it means to be Canadian. I can't seem to get the embedding code to work, so they are only links. Have a listen...


If that doesn't make you laugh, maybe this one (actually by The Three Dead Trolls) will:


Come on, you laughed, didn't you? Admit it. :)

Okay, one more, you know you can handle it...


One quick funny story to wrap up this ever lenthening post up. Last Saturday R and I were messing around on Google maps, looking at places on the satellite view. At one point I saw Nantucket and kept going down the coast. Eventually, scrolling down we reached DC and Virginia. It occurred to me, Richmond is where the Pent.agon, isn't it? We were zoomed in quite close so I imagined we'd probably see it. But we couldn't. Now I will admit that while I know quite bit about the States, I can be ignorant of some facts. Since I didn't see it in the area (and really had no idea where it was), I was about to type the word Pent.agon into the search bar. I typed the P and then paused, thinking "maybe this isn't a good idea. Maybe they track these sort of searches". I said this to R who started laughing and joking about being put on some sort of watch list for our Goo.gle search. We'll be wanted. I can see the headlines now, "Canadian Couple held for suspicous Goog.le Search!"

I don't know about you, but somehow I don't imagine someone typing in C.S.I.S into Goo.gle illiciting a similar reaction.

Oh, and if the Canadian humour above offended you. I'm sorry. I'm only Canadian and I do love you all! Don't hate me. Now go over to Mel's for some more flag waving.