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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Operation "Is It A Line?" Has Commenced

I am an idiot. An idiot who is going to go completely nuts!

On a whim, I took a hpt this morning. I'm 10dpo, so wasn't expecting anything. After a minute there was nothing. I know, I should have left it longer, but I wasn't expecting anything, so if there was something, I figured it'd pop up right away.

So I had my shower.

Afterwards, I peeked. I shouldn't have. There is the faintest line there. Probably an evaporation line. EXCEPT... in all the tests I've ever done that were negative, I've never had an evap line. EVER!

Okay, permission to officially go nuts?

Tomorrow morning I'm bringing out the big guns. No dollar store tests, it's time for a good one.

Help! I think I may lose it between now and then!


MrsSpock said...

Ooooooooo! Keep us updated!

Another Dreamer said...

Oh, wow. Keep us updated! Hope it wasn't an evap!

Danielle said...

Use a first Response... you'll get your answer.... I'm betting it's positive!