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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tiny Milestones: I'm Five Weeks

Your Baby Week 6
"Your baby is now about the size of an apple seed. That's about 0.08 to 0.16 inches (2 to 4mm) from crown to rump. It has formed a distinct head with the first stages of eyes and ears. The spinal column and cord are formed. Buds that will grow limbs have also formed. The heart is starting to beat and at this stage its beating may even be detected by sensitive ultrasound equipment, though, it's still very early. The kidneys, liver and nerve cells have also begun to develop. Ten dental buds are growing in the jaws. Blood circulation has begun and primitive red blood cells circulate. The neural tube has closed over along your baby's spine. The optic vesicles, which resemble tiny discs of pigment set in cups along the sides of your baby's head will develop into your baby's eyes. A distinct tail is still present. The body is shaped like the letter 'C'."

All this will be happening (knock on wood) inside me this week. Astonishing to think! I read through these details last time but it seems new all over again. Nutritionally, I'm supposed to be getting lots of calcium-rish foods since so many structural formations are occuring. Yay for milk and yogurt!

I'm feeling a bit better today. trying to not be concerned because the nausea is still there, just less. Not that I want to be puking over a toilet (my little secret would get out fast in an office of almost 40 people where 75% are women), but it would be nice for it to be stronger. Although I am enjoying eating today because I'm starving! Apparently, nausea can really kick in by week 6 or 7, so I guess I'll just have to be patient and enjoy food while I can.

Speaking of patient, my Dr's office called yesterday afternoon. Ultrasound is booked for March 5th. Three weeks from today; I'll be 8 weeks. There's so much to see by then. Our Little One will actually be starting to look like a baby.

Three weeks seems so far away. I try not to think of all the things that could go wrong in that time but it's hard not to. Especially when I'm not sick to my stomach at the moment. I know that will pass, and a day or a week or so from now I'll be cursing myself for wanting a better sign. 3 weeks...21 days. I'm going to have to find ways to keep busy. If I had any energy after I get home from work, it would be fine, but I don't. Better get creative.

Meanwhile, I get to visit my mom this weekend. I'm glad she knows. She told my Dad and he's really excited. I think we're all feeling good about this one.

I just don't want to let anyone down. I want this dream to come true for all of us.


Another Dreamer said...

Your text appears to be in black, I had to highlight it to read it on your blog. Confused me.

Yay for 5 weeks!!! Grow baby grow!

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Okay, posting through Ya.hoo is really starting to annoy me. I've never had any problems before! All fixed now, but how do I stop Ya.hoo from putting ads at the bottom??

JamieD said...

I never had any nausea with my other pregnancies-turned-miscarriages. Then, on Friday at 6w5d, I woke up a little queasy. The nausea hasn't been overwhelming but I have been torn between wanting to feel good and wanting to puke all over the place because I will know that the little one is doing okay.

And when I'm not nauseated, I'm STARVING. Weird, huh?

I know it will be a long three weeks - try to just enjoy being queasy and pregnant!

Melissa said...

Hope the next 3 weeks pass quickly with a healthy little bean dancing around on March 5th!

when i was pg with my daughter i slept soooo much that first trimester, like from 6pm to 6am. it was heaven. Hope the nausea stays at bay :)

WiseGuy said...

Yippe do for the milestone! Keep going! Take care of yourself!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

One thing I have learned (and I'm sure you know it too) is that nothing is for certain in this world, no matter how much we want it. So, I say CELEBRATE every milestone... no matter how small they seem. Each step is a step forward.

And I will be praying that you get just enough nausea to help you feel confident, but not so much that you are hugging the porcelain. ;)

Willsmom said...

I hear you regarding your lack of nausea. I don't have much either. (Yet) but when I think back I didn't wtih my ds until I was 7-8 weeks. Enjoy your weekend with your mom! Mine lives home in NL so I don't get to see her as often as I would like. Have a great day!

this one said...

I will be sending you the good ultrasound water (with lemon!) and I hope these weeks fly by. I have to say my nausea this time was mild low level until 6 weeks and then it really kicked in.

To distract myself between scans I've been renting craploads of movies from the library and just watching tons. I'm not usually a big movie person, but there's something about watching a movie that doesn't leave any room for thinking or worrying. Maybe try something like that - that takes your mind totally off the waiting?

bunny said...

Congratulations! I hope everything continues to progress in a happy and healthy manner!

Kim said...

I am a few days late to this post so I hope you are feeling a bit more nausea, not too much, just enough to calm some worry. Have a great time with your parents!