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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cat is Out of the Bag!

So I get this email right before I'm about to leave work yesterday from my mom.

One word: PREGGERS??!!!!!!!??

Crap! How did she find out? Then it occurred to me... my brother. He's the only one who reads my blog who could have told her. I haven't had a chance to talk to him (as he's living in Oz and just got back from vacation in Bali and all), so he couldn't have known that I hadn't told her yet.

I email back: What makes you think that? Lame, I know...

Apparently, the two of them were on MSN and he accidentally spilled the beans without knowing he did so. His comment when I emailed back... "Silly girl"! I never got her reply because I had to leave to go home.

I called her as soon as got home and we talked for a good while while we both made dinner. I told her that we wanted to wait to say anything but that I figured she'd figure it out when I saw her this weekend anyway. In my head I figured she'd take one look at me and ask me when I was due! She laughed when I told her this.

Our conversation also revealed an interesting fact: my blog address was on my Face.book profile. Emphasis on was. I took it down immediately. The first thought that came to mind was who's reading?? But really, it's immaterial. If people are reading and don't comment, they haven't told me (besides the ones I gave the address to).

I know this issue has come up for others. At what point do I care who reads? I know my brother reads it because he's so far away and I wanted him to keep in the loop. But what about others?

I've come to the opinion that I don't mind if people I know read my blog as long as they follow these very simple rules:

1) If I know you IRL (in real life) and I didn't give you this address, you should kindly let me know that you are reading. It's only fair, that if you have access to something that is akin to a person's diary, you delurk at least once to let me know you are reading. I would do the same for you, so let's be fair here.

2) It should be understood that this place is my space to rant, vent, cry, laugh, joke etc. It's where I can write whatever I'm feeling at the moment without fearing adverse reactions from others. If I need to rant about a person or a situation, I'll never use names and will do my best to keep it as anonymous as possible. If you think that I'm talking about you (who knows, maybe I am), you just can't get all offended and in my face about it. If I want to talk about it in person, I WILL! Otherwise, accept that that is just how I am feeling at the moment. It will likely pass quickly and I'll come back and write again calmer and with some perspective.

3) Whatever I write is confidential. Especially regarding our lost babies and this current pregnancy. It's not anyone's place to tell others when we've decided we don't want our entire family to know. I'm not mad at M in anyway for spilling the beans (rather I'm laughing about it), as I likely would have told my Mom this weekend when I saw her anyway. It was a simple lack of communication- which is ironic, considering my blog is my way of communicating. Going forward, people should just check with me before saying anything. Thanks!

So I'm in this place (that many others have been) of wondering exactly who's reading this. Mom, M, hi! Love you both!If you're reading and you're a family member or a friend IRL, fess up please and I promise not to be mad.

On another, namely pregnancy, note: I can not believe how tired I am! I remember being exhausted most of the time but nothing like this. I know for sure it's not my iron, as I take my prenatal and eat red meat and other iron filled items in my diet. During the first half of my cycle I was taking a women's formula high-potency Omega-3 supplement. But during my LP and now that I'm pregnant, I had to stop taking them because they contain EPO (evening primrose oil) which can cause uterine contractions and is a big no-no right now. So I managed to find a prenatal formula (yay for Sho.ppers Dr.ug Mart). Funny thing is that I forgot that a proper dose is 2 pills and I had only been taking 1. Oops! Starting yesterday, I've been taking two, so hopefully that will help my energy a little. Doubt that's going to help my hunger though... I feel like I have to constantly eat because I get really nauseous if I have an empty stomach. But no pray.ing to the porcelain gods...yet.

I may be exhausted but I am a little chipper today as it is a gorgeous sunny day. This after a small storm came and dumped another couple centimetres of snow in my neighbourhood and turned our road into a skating rink. I could barely cross the road in the morning on my way to work! Was mostly all gone by the time I got home but still. I mean, really, we GET IT! Vancouver gets to experience WINTER this year. But I'm ready for spring. My crocuses in my pots are growing nicely and should probably bloom in the next 3 weeks I'm guessing. About the same time frame that my body will stat to "bloom". Interesting, no?


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I totally hear ya! Not many people in my RL have access to my blog, mostly just friends from far away.

And congrats on feeling tired and sluggish! That little bean is growing like mad!

Willsmom said...

Just to let you know I'm reading your blog :) Maybe I should blog too!

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Willsmom- hey, if you start one, let me know and I'll definitely read.

Another Dreamer said...

lol for having the beans spilled for ya.

I don't think anyone IRL read my blog... but now I wonder...

I also wonder if you have the same prenatal I do. They're little pink ones by OneSource, it confounds me that you have to take two... but I'd rather have two small ones than have 1 horse pill!

Sending you sticky vibes.

Thank you for the well wishing on my betas.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Just one prenatal at night, but two Omega-3 pills each day. Learned to take the prenatal at bedtime so my nausea isn't so bad. Last time, it made me really ill.

Dave said...

Hey Linds! I read your blog! A lot!


WiseGuy said...

I am lucky in that way. None of my IRL connections are aware at all that I blog, not even dear hubby! I think I would be very uncomfortable having any of them reading it at all! And from your previous post, I want to repeat it a million times - Go Baby Go!

Danielle said...

It's a funny thing about life online and off and how we spill our guts to the world, but shy away from the ones we know... I'm the same way. I think it's normal for most bloggers.

AS far as spilling the beans, my soccer team knowns and MY family knows, but DH has opted to keep his family in the dark.... something I'm not keen on. But hopefully that will be resolved next week.


Anonymous said...

wow, you are brave, i don't think i'd be comfortable with people i know in real life reading my blog!