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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quick Rant

Okay, so it's this amazing sunny day and I plan to go for a walk on my lunch break in awhile to enjoy it. If I can move properly.

My right hip is killing me! The tissues around it have been sore for the last while, so I stretch and move it and for the most part, it'll ease up and go away.

So I'm on the Skytrain this morning and standing, which was fine. As we're approaching the station before where I get off, the women beside me starts to try and make her way to the door. Now, first off, lots of people get off at this station, two, I'm in her way and have no where to move to, and three, the train is still hurtling into the station and usually comes to a pretty abrubt halt.

So I carefully move a little so she can get by and she squeezes her way past me. We pull into the station and she tries to push past the guy next to me. To do so, she pushes backwards. Problem is, I'm still standing there. So she ended up shoving me backwards, where I lose me footing and fall in the next person standing there, who breaks my fall. My bags drop to floor and I barely catch the pole to stop myself from falling right on to the floor.

The doors open and the lady just strides on out without so much as an "I'm sorry"!!!!

OMG, the nerve!!!! People like that drive me crazy!!

My hip hurts like hell and I'm limping around like a cripple. Didn't manage a workout this morning, so I was really hoping to make sure of my lunch hour.

Anyway, rant over, back to a beautiful day.


this one said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. I added you to my blogroll. I love "meeting" other people with similar stories and I look forward to following yours!
I'm 27 now and had my first m/c at 25, so I totally know how it feels for every doctor to think "we're too young" for this. It scares me that I had my first m/c at 25 and second at 27. Nice to feel less alone :)

Dave said...

People like that are terrible. When I got queue-jumped in Paris (numerous times, I might add), if people were pushing on me on the Metro, I would just look at them and say "Excuse me" in a somewhat questioning/accusatory tone with an accompanying glare.

The same thing happens on the ferry. Remember the foot passenger CRUSH to be the first to the busses?