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Monday, November 24, 2008

Little Reminders and Useless Products

So R and I got back from the Island yesterday (we had a lovely time despite my decrepit body) and we walked up to the apartment and there was a box sitting there. I looked at it and it's addressed to me. An Expedited Parcel with no return address. Hmmm... I was definitely curious.
So we take it inside and it's rather light. I open it up and inside is some free baby stuff from Nestle. Crap! That must have been that thing I signed up for when I was buying my maternity clothes at Thyme (which I needed desperately at 5 weeks!). Crap! Now what?

Well to be honest, the bag is quite great and will come in handy when we have a baby. It's a small insulated backpack with a pouch for a bottle. It be great if you'rr just going out somewhere briefly and don't need to carry everything with you. Or it can be a second bag. Either way, I don't feel like I need to give it away.

However, they did send a can of formula, which considering I'm intending to nurse if I'm able, may not be too useful. I'd keep it but it expires in March 2010. Ummm, since my crystal ball broke the other day, I reallly can't tell you if I'll be able to use it by then. You see, my baby horoscope doesn't seem to work very well either, so we have no idea when we'll have ours.

So, that leaves me with a can of formula I probably can't use. Anybody want it? I'm serious! Anybody know of anybody who could use it? I'll gladly mail it (as cheaply as possible) to the lucky Mom who can actually use it. Because this RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) gal really doens't have a need at the moment.

If you want it or know someone who might, please let me know. I really don't need it sitting in already too small cupboards wasting space and I'm too practical to just throw it in the garbage.

Come one! Free formula! You know you want it!!
On a last note, does this mean I'll be getting stuff in March when my baby won't be born? There are days when I wish the baby product people would get a little message from the universe after someone has a miscarriage telling them to remove us from their list. I mean seriously, give us a break here...

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