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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Five Years...

Five years ago, I met him. Stared into his eyes and saw my future. Heard his voice and knew that I never wanted to stop hearing it. I walked away knowing that I would marry him.

Leap ahead to today and I still see the same man, but we're different. We've changed. We've grown older and wiser (at least I'd like to think so). We've felt the greatest joys and had our hearts broken by fate. But we're still here. And we're fighting- clinging to the one thing we both know for certain: We were meant to be together, till the end of our days.

We had our second counselling session on Wednesday. I cried at one point and it was in that moment I realized how raw everything still is. How broken I've felt, how tired. I wanted more than anything to just give up. But he was there, knees touching mine, holding my hand, reminding me that he was still there, loving me. In our sessions with R-A. S. we're relearning how to talk to each other, how say what we need to say and how to listen to the other. And it's working. We're talking again. Not just speaking but having meaningful conversation.

A month ago I would've told you I thought all of this too big for us to deal with. But obviously that's not true, nor was it ever. We're so strong. So what that we both feel helpless and the world seems scary again. We're still here, together, moving forward.

So five years of love, joy, drama, pain, tears, laughter and dreams and we've made it here. To this place of new beginnings. Of Love that will always be there for us if we're there for it. It's really that simple.

Five years and counting. R... I love you more than I can possibly ever express with words or actions. So I'll leave it for my heart and soul to tell yours. And we'll leave it at that...

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