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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nature's Reminder

Sometimes when we least expect it, nature has a way of reminding us how things really are. Subtle messages hidden in beauty for those willing to look.

I planted bulbs on my balcony that should sprout in the spring. I also planted, Narcissis, or Paperwhites inside. You plant them now in stones and water in a container and let them go. They bring life to the indoors when the outdoors lay in winter. Mine have just started blooming. Taking them in, taking in their smell, I was shown a metaphor for life:

The Foundation:
The place of beginnings, of roots. Well planted, there is strength here. Not everything is seen- sometimes only fragments.

The Place of Growth and Structure:
Here is where we expand and reach out, searching for our potential, our dreams. Sometimes though, we're not strong enough on own own and we need help, something (and often someones) to hold us up.


When we let it all go and give ourselves up to fate, the most beautiful things can happen. Fullfillment, enlightenment and the ever elusive, happiness. Everytime I find myself growing from the ground up, learning the most difficult lessons, something magical happens: I blossom a little more.

So simple, so beautiful. So Life.

Live yours...Everyday.

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