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Friday, December 19, 2008

Maybe a Little Dented, But Not Broken

OMG OMG OMG!! I am soooooo excited!

So... my GP freaked us out for no reason. My OB has seen plenty of miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities and she's not concerned at all. She said that the trisomys only seem more rare becuase they don't test all miscarriages. So she says it's up to us but doesn't see any need for us to go through genetic counselling unless we have three unexplained miscarriages or we keep having the same chromosomal abnormalities show up. We're all pretty sure that this last pregnancy was a fluke. Things went wonky and it wasn't going to go forward. We weren't meant to hold Kenneth. And there's nothing we could or couldn't have done that would have changed the outcome.

As for my LPD, which she does agree with, she's ambivilent about treatmentt but says that if I'd like to try progresterone, she'll prescribe it for me because it can't hurt. So I have my prescription of Prometrium to fill. Here's hoping it does the trick! We have officially been given the all clear to try to conceive again!

I walked out of there feeling like the biggest of weights had been lifted off of me. I'm not broken! A little dented though and worn in. But still whole. I'm not completely f*cked up, only a tiny bit. But hey, I already knew that long time ago. :)


Claire said...

YAY!!! So freaking excited for you! I guess you didn't call last night because you were busy ;-)

areyoukiddingme said...

That sounds like good news! Back to the fun part of ttc - you can stop worrying for a while. Congratulations!

Kim said...

Woohoo! Very happy for you. Good luck TTC!

bunny said...

Hooray for you! Good news is the best and the confidence it gives you goes on and on. What a great way to start the weekend!

mlr said...

That's awesome!! Have fun getting back to business ;)