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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweat, Peace and Bliss

I love the Seawall in the winter. There's barely anyone there. I go for a power walk pretty much every lunch break. Rain or shine. Now if it's really down pouring I might reconsider (especially if it's raining) but generally I operate under the assumption that I won't melt from a little moisture.

These days, the few people you do see are those who live in the area and the few people willing to brave the cold and maybe the rain and hit the pavement. Some of them are running, some like me, are walking. There's a leisurely feel even though I clock almost 3k in 30-40 minutes.

Today it was a little warmer. It was supposed to be sunny but the clouds hung around threatening to drop rain. Fog had nestled itself around Stanley Park, hugging the treetops like a big soft blanket.

I love my power walks. They're intense and relaxing all at the same time. I have my iPod on and walk to the beat, letting any tension and stress slip off of me.

It is sheer bliss.