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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Show & Tell: Decking the Halls

It's that time of week again. Since a lot of people have been sharing their Christmas Trees for Show and Tell, I thought I'd throw in my decking-the-halls-galore pics. Keeping in mind that we have a 730 sq st apartment and you'll realize why my friend CT once gave me a mug that says "Just call me Martha". I collect vintage Christmas ornaments. This year I added two new ornament (not vintage)- one for each baby.

Alex's Ornament

Kenneth's Owl

A wreath I fashioned out of a garland and suspended from our dining room lights.

We are not allowed to have a real tree inside, so I made one for my balcony. It is cedar branches wired to an inverted tomatoe cage and set on my potted bulbs (the crocuses of which have sprouted already).

What I did with the leftover cedar branches.

So this is half of my festive decorating. Go see what everyone else is bringing to Circle Time!


Cassandra said...

The two boys' ornaments are beautiful.

I don't actually get a Christmas tree, but a building that forbids them would be unacceptable to me, just out of principle! (Yes, yes, fire hazard, I know...)

areyoukiddingme said...

Half of your festive decorating?!? That's more than I have in my large house!

Cara said...

Um "Martha" if a country line didn't separate us I would pay your way here in an instant.

I need much decor help and I mean much as I have a 2700 sq foot house. Did you catch my "decorationphobia" show and tell a couple weeks back?


I'm hopeless and you ---rock!

Another Dreamer said...

Beautiful decorations. The ornaments are perfect, so lovely.

battynurse said...

Beautiful. I have tons of christmas decorations too. Someday I'll have a house big enough for all of them.

WiseGuy said...

Gorgeous...especially the ornaments named after your sons!


Sam said...

what lovely decorations, I always feel that I should do more for Christmas at home, but as I am usually spending Christmas away at my parents or some other relatives, there doesn't seem much point. Although I do put a tree up of course!

Merry Christmas!