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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Show and Tell: Olympic Spirit

I've had a couple opportunities to get out and experience the fun that is the Olympics. I wish I had tickets to an event but I do have front row tickets at my TV. Hoping to get out and get some more but here are few shots:

Saturday was a rainy day to see the least! Here's a really neat lantern display. They're all lit up at night.

A view of the crowds on the streets. The energy downtonw is amazing and festive.

Another view of the lanterns on a less rainy day.

And what Olympic Tour would be complete without a picture of the Olympic Cauldron.

Now pop over to Mel's and see what the rest of class is showing..


areyoukiddingme said...

Even if you can't make it to an event, I'm sure it's exciting to just be around the atmosphere. Love the pictures!

Life Happens said...

At least your close to the action! Seeing the picturs from the Olympics makes me want to visit!

cowboyboot lady said...

Very exciting! Great pics. I heard that they put a fence around the cauldron and people are upset because they can't get good pics of it?? Enjoy the energy of the whole world celebrating in your city. What an experience!

Saige said...

The Olympics came to my hometown a few years ago and I stayed as far away from them as possible. I was a bit of a party pooper in that respect. I did make it downtown one night at the request of my parents and took pictures of the torch, but that was it. I'm glad that you are getting out and enjoying all of the fun.

Kristin said...

How incredibly cool! I totally want to go to the Olympics one day.

MrsSpock said...

The Olympic flame looks like a scene from one of Mr S's beloved Scyfy channel shows: Stargate: Vancouver.