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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Only in the Wee Hours

The TV options available after midnight are limited. You've got a Late Show and then often a Late, Late Show. Which is silly really, since they all seem on time to me...

I know, I know, groan. Sorry about that. Occupational hazard of being married to a man who can spit out puns as easily as he breathes. After over 6 years together, it was bound to rub off eventually. Now where was I? Oh yes, TV.

I have to say that TV at the turn of the day is infinitely better than when I was usually getting up for a night feed: 3 am. At this time, most of the channels go off the air or have "Paid Programming" selling some ridiculous items that people really don't ne... oh wait, are you serious? You mean that gizmo, will give bottles AND change a diaper? I better write down that phone number. Wait no, I haven't gotten that phone number down yet!

Damn it! Oh well, maybe next time. But with my luck, it'll be yet another food chopper/mincer/slicer/knife sharpener/cutting board and storage contraption for only 3 easy payments of $19.99. Like I said, not much on at that time if the morning.

This particular morning sees the wife getting up instead of the husband because of course, she's been listening to the baby wake up for the last five minutes and knowing that the bottle in the fridge will take a few minutes to warm up, someone should get up NOW to place said bottle in hot water so that it's ready BEFORE the baby gets into a her "I'm so hungry, I'm going to perish" cry (which is a good one if you ask me). Anyway, so the wife gets up because her husband half asleep says he's not sure if he can get up, and promptly continues sleeping through Baby Girl's noises.

So the wife gets up, only mildly irritated at the whole exchange since she's now wide awake due to accidentally making regular coffee instead of decaf early that evening and drank it anyway since it's a crime to waste such a precious liquid that is coffee.

Stay tuned to see what time the wife actually gets back asleep and if the baby decides to sleep too. There are fair odds in her favour since the bout of hiccups that ensued while this was being written is over and Baby Girl is once again working on the last of her bottle.

Wish her luck...


Kristin said...

Hope you get some more sleep.

areyoukiddingme said...

Good luck sleeping - and if you can't sleep, then practicing drums in your bedroom sounds like a good way to pass the time. Oh, your husband is sleeping? Not any more... :)

We have a DLP TV (Digital Light Projection), which takes a minute or two to warm up, and when you shut it off, you have to wait a minimum of 3 minutes before you can turn it on again. The point of this information? I never bothered to turn the TV on when I was up in the middle of the night - it was too much trouble. But sitting up in a daze helped with the return to sleep!

Quiet Dreams said...

Ditto Kristin--I hope plenty of rest is in your future.

IF Optimist, then... said...

I have one word for you. Tivo. Insist on it for your Christmas present. I can't live without mine. I only watch a couple of hours of TV per week, but at least they are MY choices and I can skip the commercials at the flick of a button. Sooooooo sweet. Hope that you'll be getting much more sleep very very soon.

MrsSpock said...

TV at 2AM sucks. I loved it when we got a DVR- I caught up on some shows during the hellish wee hour wakings.

JamieD said...

I never understood how I could wake at the slightest whimper and Hubby could sleep through screaming that rattled the walls. "Oh, is awake? I didn't hear him . . ."

Yes - it is better for everyone involved to feed the baby BEFORE the billy goat starts.

I followed Mrs. Spock's theory and started DVRing everything I was remotely interested in watching. That way there was always something on hand.