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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The First Sprouts of a Season

Right now, the sun has sunk beneath the horizon and the lines of the Gulf Islands. The sky is riddled with different cloud formations and is streaked with peach, magenta and violet. The air is crisp this evening but during the day it was warm and moist.

The spring rain has settled in. The kind that starts and stops unpredictability.

My bulbs are doing their thing. The crocuses are making their way and surprisingly, some of my tulips (?) have made leaps in terms of growth. Must be a couple early bulbs.

There's something magical about the arrival of spring here in this green lush home of mine. Although we seem to be prone to freak snowfalls as of late, you can feel the change in the air. We leave our window in the bedroom open at night. I love fresh air flowing. It helps me sleep. Some people don't like hearing the noise from the street but in an odd way, the sounds of the Skytrain coming to and from the station, the cars on the street and the occasional siren from an emergency vehicle all serve as an urban lullaby, soothing in it's own strange way.

Spring, a time of beginnings.


areyoukiddingme said...

I find it so odd that I am so much farther south than you, and I'm hoping it doesn't get too warm. I don't want anything to sprout yet, because it will surely freeze and die before spring actually gets a foothold.

We used to live on a "main" road - which was a country road. The traffic noise drove my husband crazy - to the point that we moved from our spacious master bedroom into one of the small bedrooms in the back of the house. I was not affected by the traffic noise...until his brother's friends figured out where we lived and drove by drunk and honking their horns at 3 am.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I am so jealous of your sprouts. :) It snowed here again this morning, and there won't be anything resembling green for at least another month.

I too enjoy the sounds of the city. We live just a couple of blocks away from the hospital, so it's a fairly busy street, and I love the sounds at night. I have lived in the country and I always found it too quiet.

Kim said...

I also find the sounds of the city soothing as I try to sleep. I don't think it is strange, I think it makes you feel less alone, and safe. I can't wait until we see wome of that green down here. It doesn't seem to want to stop snowing!

bunny said...

Ahh, spring. My bulbs were making their way up just a week ago, but then we got a foot of snow. I wish we were having the same mild weather as you. Enjoy it.