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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One of many thoughts for the day...

I've come to the conclusion that our thoughts are poetry.

I've never really considered it before but really, when you at it, each thought we have is deeply personal. It is an extension of ourselves and remains that way until we share it with the world.

My own poetry forms in my mind concoiusly and constantly. I think things all the time. They slip of my mental tongue like dew on a leaf. They slip and fall somewhere. But I'm not sure where. Often they are created and then disappear forever.

My poetry forms when I am least expecting it: Walking to work, standing at the bus stop. Mostly, my mind has a single moment of blankness. then it just rolls out the words and phrases.

I am slowly learning to capture them in print. By hand or keyboard, it doesn't matter. But the need to give them permanence is getting stronger day by day. Why,I'm not sure. But a Blog is the closest thing we have to an autobiography. It is the accumulation of thought and feelings of a person. It gives us the chance to share who and what influences us. We can reveal what we never imagined we would ever say to potentially many many strangers.

As strange as that is, in a way, that gives me comfort. Peace, if you will.

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