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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Clear as soup (cream of mushroom, not miso)

The fog ourside is amazing! It is so thick I could barely see up the street when I was walking home. I got off the bus and the light from the hospital cast the warmest orange glow over my neighborhood. It is really quite beautiful. That,and it is so mild out. Cool, but not cold.

Spent the hour bus ride continuing to be absorbed in my latest read: Unless by Carol Shields. Have to say that it is brilliant, although I thnk I'm going to have to read it again and look up every word I don't know. Have to say that thre are quite a few.

There are phrases in the novel that stike me as particually insightful or poignant. Here's the ones I like so far:

"It's necessary, I'm finding, to learn devious ways of consoling oneself and also necessary to forgive one's own eccentricities" - I think the last part is particularily true.

"The shame of ignorance is killing. "I nearly died," grown-ups say of their early dumb misunderstandings, and they mean that the revealing of their ignorance feels like a stoppage of the heart."

Have to admit that Shields is good... very good.

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Lindsay said...

Not to mention that looking back on this post, it is obvious that there are days I really can't spell!