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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photos of the Day: Ode to the West Coast

Found these gems of images from photo cds I have uploaded on my laptop. They were originally taken with my old zoom film camera, my guess is with 400 ISO film, in Aug of 2003. The first is at a place on Vancouver Island called French Beach. The second a little farther north up the west coast of the Island called Jordan River (coincidentally it's where people surf on the south part of the Island). The funny part about the images is that they aren't the best (compared to what I take now) but I was still rather intent on being prolific. Except that the definition of prolific shifted dramatically from 24-32 images per roll, to 637 jpg images or 232 RAW ones once I ventured into digital.

That figure in the first would be my brother who was probably about six feet tall then, if not over. Not that I can recall exactly. But it gives you perspective on the waves…

I am Wave, hear me roar! 


"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Cool memories...I love the one of your brother ;)!

Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse said...

Beautiful. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have happy memories of holidays on Vancouver Island (and mainland BC), so it's especially nice to see these two pictures. If your brother isn't wearing a wetsuit, he's braver than me!