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Saturday, August 08, 2009

30 Weeks, 2 Days

Measuring 3 weeks ahead. I have an ultrasound next Friday to check Bean's growth and see how big she really is. It could just be more fluid than normal, or she could be a big girl.

I may need to rethink my birth plan.

Meanwhile my beach ball and I are feeling like it's the homestretch. Oh, and having my inside rearranged on a whim is getting to be a little nauseating. Literally. I've never been someone prone to motion sickness, but that was when the motion was my own...

Trying to not panic over all the things that need to be done in the next 9-ish weeks.

Although I'm guessing I may only have 8-9 weeks. You heard it here first. I think this girl may come early. Just a deep hunch, rather than wishful thinking.

The Harry Potter marks are well, large. Makes me wonder how much more one can actually stretch. It's absoutely fascinating, I mean awe inspiring what is actually happening to my body.


The Unproductive One said...

You look beautiful, gorgeous belly.


Melis.sa said...

You look great!!

Meg said...

You look great!! And try not to hold on to tight to their size predictions. Finn measured a week ahead and so did I for weeks and he was a peanut!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

You look mahhvalous!

But on a very serious note... you ARE NOT ALLOWED to give birth until I get back from NYC! Any time after Sept 29 is ok with me. :)

WiseGuy said...

Since you are measuring 3 weeks ahead, maybe that is in line with your hunch???

Whatever it is, your bum is glorious! And beautiful! Wishing you tons of good luck.

And oh,

You cannot ignore it.

WiseGuy said...

lol...not your bum...bump!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Your belly is absolutely wonderful. Cheers to 9 more magical weeks.

areyoukiddingme said...

9 more weeks - I hope that you enjoy them and are not terribly uncomfortable!

My SIL is due around that time (10-1) and I think she's twice as big as you!

Kristin said...

You look absolutely amazing.

Another Dreamer said...

Beautiful belly pic!