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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little More of This Than That

The days fly by and I keep thinking that I need to post, I need to post. But somehow, I get sucked into things or am out and about and I never get to it. It's a gloomy day today. It's grey and dark and rather depressing. In fact, the rain and wind has just kicked in and it looks like we're in for one heck of a storm! But it doesn't matter because I have a tonne of stuff to do in the apartment today. My SIL and her boyfriend are coming over for a visit and then when Ryan gets home, we are meeting their Great Aunt for dinner. Looking forward to the company but it means I have a helluva lot of cleaning to do. We meant to do some this weekend but it never happened. Oh well.

I have to do beyond a basic clean and really try to tidy up things on the floor. Because, soon, sooner than I'd like, Bean is going to be crawling. She can get up onto her hands and get her knees under her, but then falls over to her side. She's mastered rolling in both directions. Our little girl is on the move! And mama is both proud and terrified! Joking aside, it's been wonderful watching her development lately. She learns so much and it's fascinating to watch her problem solve. She's also so wonderfully smiley and giggly. It frequently makes my day.

I've also got sucked into the ultimately sign of geekiness: an online Star Trek RPG. Go ahead laugh if you will but it has done amazing things for my writing. Not to mention I get the opportunity to create and explore characters. It's collaborative and endlessly entertaining. But while I could easily spend all day doing that, I'm trying to make sure I remember my other prioities... like this blog. :)

On the exercise front, I've lost a little weight again. The Wii Fit is fun, although I don't think I'll be trying the plank ont he balance board again. It killed my elbow! I'd rather just do it on my own on the floor.

So that's the latest from me. I have several things to do this week; all of them very important. I was hoping to resuurect my Photo Challenge this week but I'll be gone this weekend, so it will have to week one more week. However, I will re-post the upcoming Challenge Theme later this week and you'll have plenty of time to hop to it!



Mrs. Gamgee said...

My friend, can I just say how good it is to hear your 'voice' after your struggles this winter?

I hope you have a good time with your family coming to visit, and remember, they are coming to see you and not your house. (haha, if only I could follow my own advice)

Looking forward to the Photo Challenge being up and running again. :)

Kristin said...

Looking forward to the restart of the Photo Challenge.

Have a wonderful time with your family.

And, did you say Star Trek RPG? Do tell me more about this.

Steggie said...

I agree with Mrs G, good to hear you again and hey I love that there is no blog because you are busy and enjoying yourself and time with bean!! Yay!! :D

and I agree ST RPG - do tell!

areyoukiddingme said...

Too busy to blog is good! Take care and don't wear yourself out...

MrsSpock said...

Star Trek is never something to laugh at ;).