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Friday, April 02, 2010

On the Road

So we're off to see the wizard... well not really. But we are going to visit the in-laws for the long weekend. Five hours each way in a car with the baby: our first road trip with her. It will be interesting to say the least! But I have breakfast to eat and last minute packing to attend to, so I must go.

Whatever your plans this weekend, enjoy!

I uploaded what was on our small digital camera since it hadn't been done in awhile. I found this gem of a photo from when Bean was 3 months old. This is her, "Where's my bottle! I'm starving! You're killing me!" scream. :)


areyoukiddingme said...

That's a classic picture of infant rage!

Have a great trip! Maybe she'll sleep part of the way...

WiseGuy said...

That pic is fab.

I hope your road trip goes smoothly without any tantrum.

And...I think Bean looks like her father....

Kristin said...

Have a smooth and wonderful trip.

And, I remember those faces.

Jericho said...

What a funny face! She's absolutely too cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Quiet Dreams said...

Oh, that face is priceless!

Wordgirl said...

Just getting back into the blogging groove --

I LOVE the face -- is that so wrong? We always take pictures when they're smiling but its these that are so great later :)