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Thursday, September 17, 2009

36 Weeks

So with 4 weeks (give or take) to go, I'm trying to get everything together. One thing on the list was to buy a small digital camera. I'm a SLR girl. I like my big honking camera. I can feel the weight of it, feel the steadiness of it. These little tiny cameras usually annoy me.
But... I wasn't about to bring my big camera into the delivery room or throw it in my diaper bag, so I gave in and decided to buy one of the new pretty things.
I went in to a local drug store that has an awesome photography department and had a great chat with the sales clerk. He was awesome. He totally understood what I was looking for and my comfort with my old camera (he's a Pen.tax fan too). In the end I got a Ni.kon Cool.pix in an amethyst purple colour. It's a fun little camera with video to boot!

Now if I can only figure out how to take steady pictures up close. Farther away seems fine but when I zoom in, it starts to blur. Guess I'll just have to play over the next weeks.

Anyway, had my weekly OB appointment today. Everything went well except that my blood pressure is a little high. Nothing crazy but since it was a little over last week as well, she sent me for blood work to rule out early pre-eclampsia. I see her on Monday again, so I'll find out then. She's pretty confident that it'll be negative but she'd rather be safe than sorry. I love her. Have I mentioned that?

My hip/muscle pain is doing a bit better. Had a massage on Tuesday. It was painful. Anyone who has seen an RMT for real treatment knows that this kind of massage isn't the peaceful massage you get at a spa. I feel bruised. But I also know he did real work in there. A previous RMT equated this kind of massage with weight lifting at the gym. I go back on Tuesday for another one. I can walk a bit again now. Maybe by next week I will actually be able to go for a walk with out any pain.

Okay, I've rambled enough now. Here's some pics. :)

P.S. Note I'm still wearing my rings. Trying really hard to keep them all the way through but they do get really snug some days. That's when I know to guzzle the water. Works every time.


Melis.sa said...

I hope the camera works out :) Aw, you look great! Here's hoping you get SOME rest in the new few weeks.. :)

MrsSpock said...

I've never tried RMT- I'm a little scared to. I'm going to start having traditional massages on a regular basis starting tomorrow. They were great when I was pregnant. Pesky fibro!

areyoukiddingme said...

The point and shoots are more versatile than you'd expect...and the video is pretty good too.

You look beautiful, and the last 4 weeks will fly by!

Kristin said...

You look great.

Don't zoom too fast and it won't blur as easily.

WiseGuy said...

Is it only me or really? I think your hands look more bloated than the last pic...seriously! Just because you are at home now, I hope you are not exerting yourself too much!

I got me a camera too - a Sony! But it is my first! :-)

I hope the hip pain goes away!

I won't be here for a couple of days, and I will check back on you by Monday...be good!

Meg said...

You look great, and a purple camera sounds fun!

I am still not in my rings....sigh.

Another Dreamer said...

Great belly pics! Beautiful :) Sorry your hips have been bothering you, I hope it gets better.

I totally hear you about the SLR cameras, versus those sleek little digitals. I like my digital, but I miss having the focus of my SLR, the manual options. I mean, I could still use my SLR, but it's just easier to whip out the digital and have them on the computer instantly.

JamieD said...

Looking good!

I have heard great things about the Cool.pix! Isn't it wonderful to find a salesperson who is actually helpful and knows what they are talking about?