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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers

The sun is shining this evening. I'm hungry. Just waiting for hubby to come home so we can go grab dinner. I'm craving Indian. Naan, butter chicken, aloo gobi, mutter panneer... yum! Did I mention I'm hungry? My mood is lighter right now but it was as dark as the clouds that dumped rain this morning.

It's funny how one can forget the beauty of simple things. I love the smell and feeling of the air after a good rain. It's like everything bad can be just washed away if you let it. I, however, didn't let it. I allowed the stress to get to me. In my more emotional, hormonal state, it makes me more liable to cry. Not that that is a bad thing. But it is if you are at work.

I've been so overwhelmed and I haven't known what to do about it. We have practicum student in the office right now and I snagged her the moment I heard she was coming. She is helping me out SO MUCH! I can barely explain how much I've needed extra help- and by that I mean competent help. I always joke (only partly though) that I need my own assistant. Wait a minute, doesn't my job title have the word assistant in it? Oh, yeah, funny that.

I'm not sure what the solution is. Less work on my plate would be a start but I can't see that happening anytime soon. But I am so grateful I have a job that can't be downsized and that I make a decent wage for my age.

I would gladly take care of myself and the baby and have less stress in my life (as everyone keeps telling me) but until others step up their game and I can stop babysitting them and/ or someone helps lessen my workload, I don't see where the balance is.

Anyone able to clone me about three times?


WiseGuy said...

Well, get eating! I am also very thankful for a having a good job. It may not make me a millionaire outright...but the salary is decent. Good.

I am glad you have some help available to you in the office now.

I could clone you three times, but I would not know what to do with the other three.....LOL!

Take Care and be Good!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Well I know from your other post that you enjoyed dinner... but now I'm totally craving indian food, and it's not even 7 am!

And as for cloning you... sorry, I don't have the technology... :(

Enjoy your weekend!

Dora said...

Maybe it's because my RE is of Indian descent, but I have been addicted to tikka naan lately. The restaurant near my apt is getting very used to my calls of "2 orders of tikka naan to go."

Dave said...

Dave wants Indian... alas, Dave is poor.

MrsSpock said...

I don't think I ever felt less able to tackle work than when I was in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Indian food- yum! We just had it this weekend...