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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I feel like crap

God, my head is spinning. Or rather, I'm staying still and the world is spinning around me. I'm on day six of experiencing the interesting phenomenon that is vertigo. It's kinda like being drunk on wine, only constantly and without the pleasure of actually drinking the wine. Saw my doctor yesterday to make sure it wasn't anything serious but he didn't seem concerned. It's probably just a virus and it should go away soon. It's already better than a couple of days ago.

My cultural theory class didn't help but it was, as usual, fascinating. We were talking about gender performativity (the idea that gender is nothing more than a performance) and all the chaotic opinions surrounding the idea. In some circles, that topic would be a conversation killer, but I'm glad I have the opportunity to discuss and think critically about some of the more taboo topics in society. I feel like I'm becoming a better human being because of it.

So, you're probably wondering how my dinner and my metaphor turned out. This is what I got:

I think perhaps a pastry metaphor should say something like, "Life is like pastry... it's crumbly, messy, can have holes, often needs to be repaired, is seldom perfect, and never turns out like you expected, BUT when all is said and done, if it looks like pastry and tastes like pastry, then damn it, it must be pastry, plain and simple.

Does that make any sense?

If not, I'll translate... it was a pain in the ass to make and wasn't anything to enter into a competition, but when all is said and done, it was wonderful, kinda like life. Yum! I think the recipe is a keeper and I just need some more practice (or if I'm not so adventurous at times, I'll buy frozen crusts).

Oh! and by the way... welcome to the first day of spring. It's drizzling rain at a 5 degrees Celcius that feels like -2. It seems more likely to snow than anything (although it won't) but what else is new around here? Confusing weather is Vancouver's recent claim to fame, right along with idiots who steal the Olympic flag right off of the gigantic flagpole at City Hall.

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