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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Where have the days gone?

I can't believe that it's Canada Day this coming weekend! The days have just flown by... I'll have been in Vancouver 9 weeks officially on Wednesday. Weird. I think I'm really starting to settle in.

Last week I was temping at a great place downtown. Great company and great people. Very friendly and helpful. Made the week go very smoothly. Tomorrow I start temping at another place downtown until Tursday. Good to work again this week, especially the making money part.

Went on 2 interviews today. The one in the morning was proabaly the most amazing interview I've ever been on... the guy who interviewed me was super friendly, charismatic and very engaging. he put everything out on the table and was honest about everything. The best part was that he didn't ask the typicla questions everyone gets... we just talked about ourselves and the company. Very cool place to work. I really hope I get that one.

The second interview went well enough to get me a second interview(wow, does that make sense... I think so...) tomorrow during my lunch break. So we'll see.

I should hear about the first place tomorrow and the second wants to fill the position very quickly. I'm hoping I get to hear from the first place before the second... makes my life easier...

So besides the job stuff, things are okay...Claire was over this weekend. We had a great time. I enjoyed showing her around Vancouver. Had wonderful sushi at my favourite all you can eat place in the West End and then ventured out to Casa Gelato which has 208 flavours... sooooo yummy... we all had at least one flavour with alcohol in it... hmmmm.

I'm a little more hopeful today. which is better than I have been. My depression has been hitting really hard lately. I'm pretty sure it's realted to the pills I'm on. So I think it;s time to go to the doctor and try another brand. I really can't do this much longer and it's hard on the other people around me... I'm holding on and it helps that I've got the support of everyone who cares about me. (thanks)

Anyway, I suppose I should go start dinner. Till next time...(hopefully with great news on the job front).


tangy with a twist said...

hey linds i am soo glad u are doin well thats awesome about the job thing i am soo hopin and prayin u get the first one cause it sounds great
well talk with u soon Ciao

Dave said...

Glad to hear everything is working out. Gimme a call and we'll catch up!