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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another one???????

Well, I didn't get short-listed for the first job that I was interviewed for. Oh, well. I'm disappointed but I'm getting over it. However, the second interview for the second job went quite well. Well enough that I was called in today to do a third interview! I met with the CFO of the company (who was quite nice) and we chatted for a few minutes and that was that. I should find out if I got the job tomorrow. They are supposed to the let the agency know around noon and I should find out when I get back from my lunch break.

I'm having lunch with a couple of my forum buddies... I forgot to mention before that on Friday we all met eachother for the first time. We had dinner at Steamworks... an awesome pub in Gastown. I had met one of them before for coffee so at least we knew we'd be comfortable with eachother. It ended up being an awesome evening and we all enjoyed eachother's company. Ryan came too and he enjoyed meeting them as well.

Anyway, I should go for the evening. Have to do a couple of things and then head to bed...afterall I am a working girl once again! ;)

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Dave said...

I'm reminded of an Abba song...

"money money money"