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Thursday, June 14, 2012


So um, yeah, hi.

Been awhile.

The visit with my family was wonderful in ways I'm not sure I can even express. I still have photos to edit and convert and a to-do list that is crazy long, but I'm still here… sort of.

Debating on something and I think I need feedback.

I always said I would never move on from this blog name/theme etc. Now I'm starting to think maybe it's time. Or maybe I need a second space.

Except that I don't think I can stay on top of a full second blog. I can barely keep up with my photography blog at the moment.

So while I sort out my priorities and what will work best for me, I'm polling the people here:

Do I start over with a new blog for a clean start (I have some interesting ideas for it)?

Do I keep this one for the more in depth musings and keep another for photos/recipes/life stuff?


While we ponder over this together, here's a pic. :p

Attack of the 60-foot woman… and her camera. Run!


St Elsewhere said...

I would love for you to keep a single blog rather than maintain multiple blogs. The more the blog, the higher the chances of one or more lagging behind.

You can start afresh, but keep a single blog for your musings/recipes/photos...

Glad that the family visit was so wonderful.

HollywoodHasMe said...

Shadows are always decieving,but that is what makes them interesting to photograph.

Great pic.