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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Falling into Place

It's an amazing thing, being able to breathe deeply and just be. As I'm writing this, I'm just relaxing on a lovely Saturday night. We had Ryan's aunt over for dinner, which was lovely as always. Spent the day rnning errands, cleaning and packing (at least Ryan did- I get my chance at packing tomorrow). Today was a beautiful sunny day. Got to spent quite a bit of time out in it too! Cleaned up the back stairs and deck of all the plants. Kept some, tossed some.

The more I think about it, the more I find reasons to love our new place. I haven't even moved yet and I can't find anything wrong with our new life there. Everything is close or easily reached by transit, the apartment is bright and lovely with an amazing view. And of course, the biggest reason to love the new place... not being in this house anymore. NO more awkwardly flushing toilet, mold in the bathroom, falling apart cupboards, lack of doorbell and best of all, no more noisy and disrespectful neighbours who wear runners inside with hardwood floors, talk loudly ALL the time, swear excessively and generally make it an uncomforatble living space.

Time to let go.

I'm letting this weekend be relaxing by not trying to accompish too much and not overdoing it. Afterall, I have a hell of a week coming up. Alhtough, I can't complain, considering event planning/execution is a part of my job now. But I really didn't see this coming. I found out Tuesday that I am working our leadership conference mon-wed this coming week. And I've been appointed on-site coordinator! I spent all of Wednesday morning getting the hotel to fix the contract so that the VP I'm working on this with could sign it. That was interesting.

And don't let me fool you, I might complain about some of this, but I (not so secretly) get a kick out of this all. They're preparing me to be able to take over the conference for next year.

I find it a little ironic that I'm now doing what I went to Camosun for in the first place. Don't you? Hmmm, go figure. I feel like I'm really doing somehting now. I have several big projects in different parts of my job that are all happening at the same time. I love it! And also good news, my trip to Toronto has been postponed (thank you!) until April. NOw I don't have to worry about moving Mar.1 and then flying out Mar.2. Now I can actually get some stuff done and it'll actually all be manageable.

So since I have to be at the hotel for the conference at 7am each morning to make sure things happen and then don't leave until end of day (which means- mon:5:30pm, tue:10:30pm and wed: 4:00pm) don't be surprised if I'm not available (or comatose) by the time I catch up with everyone. Love you all but I may not be able to put coherent thoughts together by later in the week. Oh, and did I mention that I'm working my regular days on Thurs and Fri?

Wish me luck! (Hopefully I won't need it)

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Dave said...

You'll do it Linds, I know it! Just lots of water and, remember to breathe!