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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seasons Turning

Sometimes it sneaks upon you so quickly it makes your head spin. Its presence familiar and perhaps even welcomed…The first signs of winter. It is the wind, mostly, that tells me for sure that fall has left and a new season has arrived. It is unlike any other wind I’ve known. It is cold, often chilling you to your bones but it also feels warm. It reddens your cheeks and freezes your arms, and yet, somehow it warms. It makes you feel alive, as if everything truly isn’t dead yet. You can feel its vibrancy; it energizes you, putting a spring into your step. It reminds of the succession of time and makes you wonder where the past months have flown. How did I not see it coming? What have I done all this time?

I find myself breathing in the beautiful cool air with abandon. It is one that numbs your skin and even maybe, your mind, but it will never numb the soul. It is soul, the earth’s soul stopping by to remind us that another year is slowly coming to an end…passing before our very eyes. Each day, we breathe one breath after another, one heartbeat follows another. We continue. Everything continues.

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