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Monday, November 12, 2007

Reflections on Married Life

It's coming up on two months soon and Ryan and I have both been thinking about life as a married couple. Since we got married people have been asking us what being married is like. Well, as we're wont to say, it's pretty much the same. Except more cuddly.

I've been thinking about the subtles shifts in our relationship. I don't know why I'm more affectionate, but I am. I imagine it could be the fact that we've committed to spending the rest of our lives together that would make our feeling more intense. We've made that shift between committed partners to life-long companions. There's something about that fact that makes me smile.

I also have to say that I take my role as a wife very seriously. Because we had been living together for some time, we had gotten the "old married couple" thing down pat. But on top of that, I am mastering the whole "nagging wife" bit. Not that I wasn't good at it before, but now I seem to be perfecting it. Guess it's because I know he won't just turn around and walk out of my life becuase of it. Maybe it makes us a little closer. we've learned to accept and put up with eachothers idiosynchroncies and faults and I won't speak for him but for me, I think those things make me love him that much more.

In the last couple of weeks we've been talking about plans for Christmas. Between school and work schedules, I've already had to figure out December, or at least partially. So far, I'm done classes on Nov.30 and then I have a final exam on the Dec.10th and 11th. After that, I'm free till Jan.7th! Yay! So far, our plans are to spend Christmas in Victoria. I think we'll be coming over on the 21st, but stay posted for updates.

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