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Friday, January 26, 2007


Ah, blue sky. If I look across from my office at work and lean back, I can take in the beautiful sight of a bright sunny morning in downtown Vancouver. When I left for work this morning, it was dark and cold. By the time the bus got down to Granville and Broadway, it had changed. As we were coming down the hill towards the Granville Bridge, dawn had just broken and what little light there was, was being reflected off of the glass buildings in the downtown peninsula. Truly breathtaking.

Its been a week since I found out that my grandfather had died. I'm okay now, it just took me so completely by surprise. My dad called his mom and it seems that she understands that he can't leave the camp right now. Since my grandfather will be cremated, there's going to be a memorial in the spring after my dad gets back from Alberta; which works great for me because with any luck it'll be after exams and I can take a few days off. Maybe Ryan and I will drive up to Nelson. Who knows…

This last week has seen me reflecting quite a bit. For one, I told Claire that our new motto isn't working for me. I really need a new one. So we talked about resurrecting an old favourite (I momentarily considered "To hell with it" but somehow it isn't positive enough), but I still felt the need to find something refreshing and strong. As we talked I made a statement in exasperation, which Claire decided would be the perfect motto, and I agreed. Therefore our new motto is…

"I don't want to be a drama queen!" Because let's face it, drama and I are pretty tight these days.

Work and school are going pretty well. I decided yesterday to cut off a couple of hours from work because I've been having a really difficult time working a full day. By 3pm, I'm exhausted! Trying to keep it together until 4:30 every Thursday is such a struggle. So I decided to make the day a couple of hours shorter. That way, I can still go for my workout with my trainer and then go home and still have energy to do important things like make dinner, and oh, I don't know… study perhaps?

My workouts are going well. 5 sessions and three weeks later, I already feel stronger, and let's face it, much happier. I'm still struggling to recognize my boundaries and limitations before I cross them, but that will take more time.

At least time is something I do have.

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Dave said...

Linds, I feel like the biggest asshole in the world! I'm sorry I didn't ask you about your grandfather when we spoke last night... really, I am not a cad! But we will catch up on Monday morning, no? Til then...