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Sunday, May 14, 2006

My stairs tried to eat me!

I'm not sure what it is about me that makes it that way, but I am guaranteed to live a constantly melodramatic life. I seem to attract bizarre circumstances. In a way, it's like living in the middle of some twisted soap opera. But that being said, my life is never dull and I wouldn't change a thing.

DAY 13: I have now been living in my new place for almost two weeks. I have decided to lovingly give it a nickname... "My death trap". See, one of the steps on the outside stairs gave way underneath me and one leg fell all the way through. I was so lucky that only half the step broke, because otherwise I would have fallen about 15 feet all the while bouncing off of various hard objects... paints an interesting image, doesn't it?

But as a friend reminded me, staying positive is the only way to make the situation work. Hence the lovely nickname. It's really the only way I can laugh at the situation, because otherwise, I'd cry.

So just one more thing for my landlord to fix...

On a happy note, I am planning to go back to school to be an art therapist. I think I'll first take some night classes while I'm able, so I can still work full time. Later I'll get a part-time job and take 3 classes. I'm going to start at Langara College first (which is very handy as it is so close to home) and then I'll transfer to UBC. I am so excited about this. And Ryan is being extremely supportive.

Now we just have to make the logistics work...

Oooo, and I think our first piece of furniture is finished being put together. Ryan kindly put together our dresser so we can unpack some of clothes, seeing as we are still living in boxes...

Ah, the joys...


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