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Friday, May 26, 2006

Can I just have a normal uneventful week?

You'd think that going on vacation would give me a chance to de-stress and not worry about things but that doesn't seem to be the case with me.

First off, Calgary was great. Couldn't for the life of us find a car-rental company that had a car available for rent but we really enjoyed ourselves.So instead of going to Banff and Lake Louise like planned, we just hung around Calgary. Spent 6 great and very hot and sunny hours at the Calgary Zoo on Saturday and spent a couple of hours at Fish Creek Provincial Park on Sunday. I basically had a fabulous time, got some great photography and soaked up the sun (perhaps a little more than I should have-I'm about 3 shades darker than I was the weekend before).

Things seem to be going somewhere with our house. Our landlord has brought a second contractor to look at our place because it seems the first one can't do it soon enough. That seems like good progress to me. At least he's concerned with getting it done soon.

But the best part of this week so far has to be hands down my visit to the emergency room at St.Paul's Hospital. Late yesterday morning I started getting really dizzy and my vision went all spotty, just like when I had the stomach flu. But despite my stomach feeling a little nauseous, I didn't have any normal flu symptoms. After getting a hold of Ryan, I had a co-worker drive me to the hospital. My body felt like a dead weight and my feet and hands were all tingle and cold as if I had no circulation. Not to mention that I couldn't walk in a straight line.

I waited about 10 minutes to see the triage nurse who then took my vitals while we waited for them to admit me. At this point I'm sitting in a chair right in the middle of where all the paramedics are coming and going. It was so busy that they couldn't get me a bed and I spent the rest of the five hour visit on a gurney in the hallway next to Emerg. Admitting. They ran a battery of tests including bloodwork and an ECG (very interesting experience I must say). The nurses were great considering the circumstances. They did their best to give me some privacy as the hooked me up to the ECG machine (I had all the patches on my body- very sticky and difficult to remove. After ruling out something wrong with my brain, the doctor treating me (who had the best bedside manners of most doctors I've ever met) got me started on an IV right away in hopes that hydrating me would help. They also added Gravol which knocked me out pretty quickly.

Oh and some other fun... I learned I have IV veins in my left arm. 2 Burst as the nurse (coincidentally named Lindsay, too)tried to get me hooked up. I have some lovely instant bruising which surprised her. So, basically, I was just a mess. Yay for me...

Felt so much better this morning. Sleeping in probably helped since I took today off. But I was starting to feel dizzy again before dinner but I'm feeling better now that I've eaten. My Mom suggested it might be Anemia. Something wrong with my iron makes sense for a lot of reasons and also could be fairly simple to fix.

But I just need to know what's wrong with me. This is the second time with these symptoms and it's really freaking me out. I really don't want to do the hospital thing again. To that effect, I have a doctor's appointment with my GP in hopes to figure this out. I'm planning to go to work tomorrow as long as I keep feeling better.

So we'll see...

Ah, never a dull moment with me, eh?


Dave said...

LINDSAY!! Take care of yourself!

And eat a thick juicy steak...

Lindsay said...

Had beef stirfry