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Thursday, February 02, 2006

One adventure after another...

So here I am Day 4 of being sick at home. Now I've been fighting something for about a week and I've been very careful not to pass it to anyone. That unfortunatley didn't stop me form getting it in the first place (thank you Ryan, I love you too). But what was fairly minor for him he's the one with the great immune system) turned into a full blown stomach flu. Now, had we known it was the stomach flu, we could have taken proper precautions, but since we didn't, I pretty much stuck to water, toast and eggs. Apparently water is not what you should be drinking. After 2 days of feeling like crap and slowly eating more food, I figured I'd be fine to go to work on Wednesday.


I has having my shower and rinsing out my conditioner when all of a sudden I'm so dizzy I feel like I'm going to black out. My eyes were all fuzzy and I couldn't see anything and my muscles felt very weak.. I tried calling for Ryan but between the shower and the bathroom fan, he couldn't hear me. So I sat in the tub, turned off the water and kept calling for Ryan. He came pretty quick and kinda half dragged/ half walked me to the bedroom, laid me on the bed, got a towel for my wet hair and covered me with a blanket. The dizziness passed within a few minutes and then I seemed okay. More than a little freaked out but okay. I had some toast (at that point Ryan figured it was a combo of the heat of the shower and not eating a lot in the last couple of days) and then convinced him to take me to the clinic on Davie Street.

Made it to the clinic fine; it was bright and beautiful yesterday morning. However, I have another dizzy spell while waiting for the doctor, although not as bad. After 45 minutes, saw the doctor who told us it was the beginning (read: not the end)of the stomach flu, gave me a list of good and bad foods and told me to drink as much ginger ale or Gatorade (yuck) as I could. She said the problem with the dizziness and near-fainting was that my electrolyte levels were extremely low. Water wouldn't cut it. She told me to drink 2 litres of ginger ale if I could yesterday to help my body replace what it lost due to being physically ill earlier in the week and other stuff you probably don't want to know about. What's amazing was that I almost managed it. And to my surprise, didn't have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Cool, huh? Well maybe not to you, but to me it was nice not to have to get up from my cozy blankets on the couch too often.

My body started doing better almost immediately after getting home... although I almost didn't make it home from the clinic. I had one last dizzy spell that was so bad I had to sit down on the sidewalk on Davie and wait for it to pass, meanwhile I was so thirsty I had Ryan feed me gingerale out of the bottle right there on the sidewalk. Now that I've made it to today and I feel loads better, I can laugh at that, but in that moment, I was more freaked out than I've ever been.

Well, now that that drama is over, I'm feeling much better. Just going to relax and putter in the apartment today. I'm hoping to go back to work tomorrow so I can not worry about all the things that haven't been done and really need to be done this week. I'm really hoping it's nice this weekend so I can enjoy some fresh air... that would be novel.

Oh, and in case anyone is interested... as of Wednesday morning, Vancouver was 14mm away from finally breaking the rain record... and it rained all evening and night... so there!

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