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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The days of summer...

I am so enjoying summer. Still need a beach day, but I'll get there.

Spent the weekend in Victoria. It was so nice to jsut take it easy and not have to do anything. My Aunt came over to my paernt's place for dinner on Saturday. Earlier that day, Ryan, my Mom and I puttered around downtown and then when we got back, my Mom and I just hung out on the deck chatting. It was so good to spend time with her. I've missed my family. My day, of course was busy pedalling his butt off with the pedicab, but I got to see hime in the mornings.
Sunday, Ryan and I met up with Claire for coffee before we heading back to the mainland. All in all it was a lovely weekend and I cold have done with another day or two.

Work is going well. Think I've really got the hang of the job. Today was the monthly birthday tea where everyone in the office gathers for about 20-30 minutes for cake in honour of anyone who has a birthday that month. I ordered a dark choclate mousse cake that was sooooo good! Nothing like cake for lunch!

Tonight is going to be awesome too. It's the first night of the fireworks and my work is going on a dinner cruise. In fact, I'll be leaving in a hour. Really looking forward to hanging out with my co-workers outside of the office. They are a great bunch and I want to get to know them better.

This weekend will be nice too. Can't believe it's a long weekend again. But I'll take it! Ryan's parents are coming into town on Saturday so we'll see the fireworks from Sweden that night.

Anyway, time to get ready. I've got a boat to catch!!!!

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