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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Crossing my fingers and toeses...

No that wasn't a spelling mistake. Watch"Singin in the Rain" and you'll know what toeses refers to.

Well, sorry to keep you all hanging like that. I'll fill you in on the job stuff. I met with Ingrid (my prespective employer) on Thursday. She told me about the job and the company and we talked about what I've done and I explained I was ready for a challenge. It was a pretty informal interview, which I quite liked. The catch is that she's looking at other people as well, so, tommorrow I go in for a test... I haveto write a press release for her to show my writing skilss. It should be pretty easy becuase I did several last summer and I have a couple to refer to becuase there is a specific way to format them. I'm hoping hat foes well. In the end it might come down to doing a voluntary trial week to see how I fit in. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but I'll do it in any case becuase I really want this job.

As for my long weekend... it was okay I guess but we ad pretty crapy weather here in Vancouver. It sctually started on wednesday evening. Thursday was interesting. Sarah came over for dinner and we had a great time. But during dinner the wind really picked up and we finally got the thunder storm they had been predicting for several days. Sarah left around 9:30 so she wouldn't get caught in the rain. It was good timing becuase about 15 minutes later it just downpoured.

There I was all alone in my little apartment. Ryan was out for the evening and it was pretty creepy. I made a couple of phone calls, watched part of a movie, read in bed and finally fell asleep. Was sleeping really good becuase I didn't even hear Ryan come in the door.

So that was Thursday. After that we got lots of rain (which is good and I'm not really complaining about) but then we also had really high winds (no fun to go grocery shopping in wind AND rain- umbrellas don't work), and don't forget about our bout of hail.

All in all it's been and interesting few days. I'm hoping that the rest of this week is productive and brings good news. Well, laundry calls...


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Kaitlyn said...

Good Luck Lindsay!! And for the spelling, nice one!