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Friday, March 04, 2005

Well rested but not for long...

Well...I had a fabulous time in Calgary! Five wonderful days where I didn't have to be anywhere (except for my flights of course) or do anything. Every night was a slumber party and my friend
Ang(ela) and I stayed up like pretty much every night. Did lots of shopping (got an awesome new suit) and had lunch in the revolving restuarannt in the Clagary Tower... 512 meters up in the air. It was pretty amazing.

Have to say that the flight there was probably most amazing thing about the trip. I pretty much had my face up against the window taking in the view. We convinced that we have one of the most incredible provinces. Don't you agree?

The only downside to the trip is that I had to come back! I probably could have stayed another two days, easy. But I had school and work. I also had a paper due yesterday that I procrstinated so much on, that I finished it at 12 midnight on Wednesday! Yeah... I don't usually do that but I've been so overwhelmed by school, work, moving and getting a co-op position, that I've been kind of stuck and haven't had a tonne of motivation as of late.

However, time contraints are pushing me to get my ass in gear and get stuff done. Have I mentioned that I'm moving soon? As in April 27th, soon? Yeah. Just a little craziness from that. But as mine and Claire's motto says:

Everything will be okay in the end... if it's not okay.. it's not the end!

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