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Monday, May 14, 2012

When the Cat's Away…

Hubby is currently on route to Geneva for a few days to give a talk at a workshop, so it's just K and I and whatever mischief we can get into.

Well, not exactly. The spring storms have hit and for the next few days, it's not looking so nice. But I'm hoping that means we'll get a break the following week when my family converges on Glasgow for a visit! It's been over a year since we seen them and while I love Skype dearly, it's not quite the same. I was looking at the passport photo of K yesterday and it just shocked me to see how much she's changed since it was taken! Though my family has "chatted" with her over Skype, I really do think they will be shocked to see how big she's gotten. She truly is a small person in her own right, with attitude and opinions and everything. It truly boggles the mind to think of sometimes.

So five days with Baby-Girl on my own. I've actually finally gotten the hang of it and the last time R was away, we were just fine and had a good time. I know this time will be the same. K is over the cold she had the week before, which will make things easier since she's back to napping properly and isn't entirely miserable with her congestion.

Looking at my list this week, some is usual, others are a little different:

-picking a few things up from the shops
-trip to the library to get new books for K
-call Letting Agent to get an engineer in to check the fan inside the oven (it rattles so badly I think it'll fly apart!)
-make an appointment with the small business accountants
-finish the last bits of my business plan and financials
-at least one day with my camera,
-fiddle with business card design (opting for some super basic, inexpensive ones since I can't do much more at the time)
-Playgroup on Friday

And somewhere in there is all the reading and writing I do. Have I mentioned I'm on my own this week?

On a completely random note, K loves singing along to things and while she can't say the words really at all, it is terribly cute and makes me smile constantly. It's a nice break from the part of the terrible twos that is possibly the worst: The Hitting Phase. Yes, it is in full swing and man can she hit hard! :( We're doing our best to be consistent in not letting her and trying to get her to channel her frustration in better ways, but man it is ever hard! There are some moments I get rather upset because she thinks it's funny, and in those moments I just sigh and know she'll understand in time. These things don't click in their minds right away. Empathy is a complex skill to develop, and while she shows it in some ways, we know the rest will come in time.


Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse said...

It's absolutely gorgeous in Switzerland, so hopefully your husband can bring back some of this lovely weather with him so you can enjoy it with your family next week!

Jamie said...

You are so right - your family will be amazed at how much she's changed! This is such an amazing age. When they make that jump from looking lIke a baby to a little person.

Skeeter throws things in anger. I can tell when he's just trying to get a reaction out of me and it is so hard not to laugh at times. Grrrr. I hope that part of this amazing age is over soon.

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I was saying the same thing to your Dad the other day about her getting so big! He just hopes she recognizes him. I think I caught her cold over Skype, lol!!

areyoukiddingme said...

How exciting to see your family after such a long time!

The hitting phase - unfortunately, we skipped this when she was small and didn't know better, but entered it lately when she's fully aware that she's doing it because she's angry and feels like she has no control. Sigh. I think the toddler version is better.