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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The little things in life...

There's something about the feel of the sun beating down on your skin that is soothing. You just soak it all in and let it warm you entirely. That's what I did yesterday afternoon while sitting on my newly fixed stairs. Just soaked it all up. And reflected... and cried a little. Ryan and I had a pretty good fight. This weird condition of mine has been hard on both of us. It just took a little venting to help eachother see where we're both coming from.He's frustrated because he wants to do something and would rather I do something about how I feel than just accept it. But I have tried to force my way past it, and I just can't. I'm not strong enough to will myself well.

So we take it one day at a time. and wait. It looks like I might get an appointment with an internal medicine specialist the week of the 19th. So I just have to be very careful and hold out until then.

Meanwhile, I am so looking forward to coming to the Island. I miss my family. It's been hard on my Mom to not be near me and not able to help. I really can't wait to see everyone. Will help me feel not so lonely out here.

On one last exciting note... I applied to Langara College on Friday. So here we go...

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